Creating Slick Video Flare Effect With Crystals And Broken Filters

If you are looking for an old vintage soft look for your videos, here is an interesting and fun idea. Use a crystals on top of a broken lens filter.

Lindsay Adler of Creative Live shares a pretty neat trick where she uses a broken UV filter as a mount for a cheap crystal. The light break and diffracts when hitting the crystal and creates a soft image and if you are lucky a reflection.

While we have shared a similar idea using a nylon bag, I must admit that this in-the-camera 70s effect has a different quality to it.

[How to Add DIY Lens Flare to Video Shoots | Lindsay Adler via creativeLIVE] [Read more…]

How To Capture Long Smooth Running-In-The-Meadow Scenes

Every movie that happens in a valley or a meadow has this shot – a bunch of small kids running in the grass with a small cute dog running along with epic piano music in the background. You know what I’m talking about…

One way to capture this kind of shot is to use a camera drone, but if you are shooting on a budget, a cable cam and a GoPro are  your best bet.

How To Capture Long Smooth Running-In-The-Meadow Scenes

Matt Hardy shared this great tips with us, on how to build and setup a DIY Cable Cam. It is just this kind of small fast rigs that you can set to run over a hundred meter shot.

The rig is made from a trapezoid Aluminum with 2 grooved scooter wheels, and it smoothly slides across 100 meters of 3mm Dyneema rope. (The rope has to have some downwards angle to pull on the rig, so you better know your nuts – Matt used a Double Bowline Knot and an Alpine Butterfly knot).

The nice thing is that the aluminum trapezoid folds flat when not in use.

Epic piano and running kids and dogs in 3,2,1… [Read more…]

Magic Lantern Boosts Dynamic Range For Canon Cameras. As Easy As Flipping A Button

Magic Lantern are a werid creature to digest. On one hand they are not part of te official Canon team. On the other, they realese incredible features for Canon touching an all aspects of the camera, from RAW video to (the dynamic range enhancing) dual ISO.

Magic Lantern Boosts Dynamic Range For Canon Cameras. As Easy As Flipping A Button

Their latest announcement revels a great feature call ML ISO, as opposed to “Canon ISO”. (The develpment name is a boring four letters acronym: ADTG)

The method involves quite a bit of tech, which I dont full understand, but it involves changing the way the sensor is being amplified. Tests done by Canon Rumors member Marsu42 show improvment of 1/3 to 1/2 a stop of dynamic range depending on the used ISO. [Read more…]

Apple Shifts Weight – Markets The iPad As A Camera (And Other Creative Tools)

Up until now Apple’s focus was to show the iPad as a great device for content consumption, we were usually presented with the iPad as a great way to read, watch movies, social media and so on.

Apple Shifts Weight - Market The iPad As A Camera (And Creative Tool)

Apple’s latest commercial suggests that they are shifting their weight on the product from a consumption device to a creative device with taking stills and shooting video being its prominent features. [Read more…]

The Wooster Sherlock Is A Clever Single Bar DIY Jib

Most video jibs that we share have a similar design, they are build with dual bars. It is those dial bars that keep the camera in the same orientation no matter how you tilt the jib. Think those ancient desk lamps.

The Wooster Sherlock Is A Clever Single Bar DIY Jib

The Wooster Sherlock design by Noack is kinda different, and is more like the CobraCrane Single Bar series where jibs only have one bar and a parallel wire that keeps the camera in a constant orientation. [Read more…]

[UPDATE] Edelkrone Launches Sliderplus Motion Control Kit – Has Sweet Responsive Target Tracking

UPDATE: for pricing and features head down the post

A few minutes ago Turkish company Edelkrone released a Motion Control Kit for their SliderPlus slider.

Edelkrone Launches Sliderplus Motion Control Kit - Has Sweet Target Tracking

While motion control is nothing new (and Redrock Micro has a solution to a similar problem) Edelkrone did something a bit different when they gave a mounted camera independent responsive targeting, enabling the kit to slide while the camera stays on target. This can be quite handy for one man interviews.

Here is a video showing the capabilities of the Motion Control Kit with the Targeting System: [Read more…]

Building A Creative GoPro Glider For Capturing Orbital Footage

Point Of View (POV) can be a major factor in storytelling. Finding new interesting points of view is not trivial, and every bit of innovation helps keeping viewres on their toes. This is why we got to hand it to Steven Prael for coming up with this cool GoPro rig idea that captures an orbital view of a scene.

Building A Creative GoPro Glider For Capturing Orbital Footage

The idea in general is pretty simple – get a go pro on a rope and turn, turn, turn it around. But execution may be tricky. By building a simple rig Steven overcame two problems that has to do with spinning – The first is how to keep the camera facing the center and the second is how to reduce vibrations.

Both issues were dealt with by adding a small wing to the rig, creating a makeshift glider. Pretty clever. If you were wondering how durable a GoPro is just check out the failed footage at 1:10 and 1:20 . [Read more…]

Interesting Test On Overexposing And Salvaging Blackmagic Footage

By now, we are kinda used to the fact that RAW images can be pulled or pushed to recover details in what were once lost photos.

Intersecting Test On Overexposing And Salvaging Blackmagic Footage

It seems though that with “cheap” camera that produce RAW footage like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (or a Magic Lantern loaded Canon), pulling overexposed movies is becoming a viable option for amateurs / advance amateurs videographers too. (It was always an option for the pros).

Swedish videographer Mattias Burling did a short test showing how much burnt data you can recover when shooting RAW with a Blackmagic camera. [Read more…]