Using a Twist Jar Opener as Follow Focus

Photographer Tony Carretti came up with a pretty twisted way to make a cheap follow focus.

Tony uses a $2.49 Bed Bath & Beyond twist jar opener with the focus ring on the lens replacing the jar lid. As Tony says it is not solve 100% of your follow focus problems, but for $2.49 it really is a sweet solution.

If you are looking for a more complete DIY solution, prepare your workshop and check out the friction based follow focus that we features a while ago.

via planet5d. [Read more...]

Build A PVC Camera Shoulder Rig

Build A PVC Camera Shoulder RigUser knoptop of Instructables came up with a video to show how you can make an HDSLR shoulder rig from PVC pipes.

For the most basic configuration all you’d need is a bunch of PVC pipes and fitting and a conduit box.

If you want a little bit extra you can add insulation foam as padding. I really like these kind of projects I wish we’d see more of them. [Read more...]

Light Works Film Features Some Dope Type Bokeh Techniques

Light Works Film Features Some Dope Type Bokeh TechniquesJust in case you did not notice, DIYP has a slight obsession with shaped bokeh. While we covered almost anyregularaspect of this technique, I am pleased to learn that there are always new applications for some good old shaped bokeh.

This one made by Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher (Supernormals) is a short movie that uses type bokeh. i.e. shaped bokeh with words. The movie, some tips on type bokeh and a short BTS after the jump [Read more...]

DIY Friction Based Follow Focus For 6 Bucks

IMG_1549In the following post, Eric Au will share his making of  A DIY follow focus mechanism. We did feature a KNE’X follow focus before, however, this one mounts on a rig., and has a very pro look to it. While the specifics of this build are oriented towards a specific HD-DSLR mount, the concept and process can be adopted to other rigs by changing some of the measurements.

Bear in mind that this project does require some uncommon hardware tools, yet considering the price drop, you may want to ask your neighborhood iron man for some assistance. …and The floor is all yours Eric. [Read more...]

Using a Kitchen Timer To Create Panning Timelapse Movies

The super techy kitchen timer panning headWe have had a post before where we shoed how to use a canon G9 camera and a bunch of opensource photography software (mainly CHDK) to create amazing timelapse movies.

This time we are taking it up a notch and adding some movment to the movie. The idea is simple, using a mechanical kitchen timer (I used a fancier one :) and a bolt we created a rotating camera. Movie with tutorial and samples after the jump. [Read more...]

DIY PVC Table/Skater Dolly For Video Photography

DIY PVC Table/Skater Dolly For Video PhotographyIf you’ve been following some of the video tutorials we’ve had here at DIYP, you probably noticed the skateboard dolly that was featured here a few weeks back.

Photographer and videographer Martin Taylor shows us how to build a much fancier dolly which is partially based on a skateboard. This dolly however, is smaller (will fit on table), has a head mount that can support an SLR and can be set to move in circles. It’s all Martin from here. [Read more...]

Amazing Light Camera Crane Build Video

Amazing Light Camera Crane Build VideoThe following film by photographer Martin Roberts shows the construction of an aluminum and bearing based camera crane (similar to some designs we have featured before). The crane is used to extend the reach of the photographer both in height and in length.

The crane is very light weight (5.3kg to gain 2.65m worth of reach) supporting a Canon 550D and lens (about 1 Kilo), it is also easy to setup and tear down location.

Here is how Robert describes it: [Read more...]

A DIY 9Shooter: Shooting Stills & Video Simultaneously & Audio Too!

45surf 9 shooter The post below shows a simple way to capture video while taking still pictures. Sure, there is some added weight and yea, video will not get a dedicated person and will just “follow along”, yet, this is a neat way to achieve video with just one person shooting, This is also a great instructional tool for yourself to see how you interact with your model, what things work and what makes them shrink.

There are two versions for this mod – a dueler which mounts a DSLR with a video camera and a 9Shooter that also has sound attached. From now on it is all Elliot McGucken. [Read more...]

DIY iPhone Teleprompter

DIY iPhone TeleprompterUPDATE: Martin Just added an explanatory image of the model along with a sketchup model for the matte box. See image and links at the bottom of the page.

DIYP don’t often feature video or iPhone hack. It does, but not often. When I see a hack that is both video and iPhone, though, the little geek inside of me simply commands a post.

Reader Martin Taylor came up with a very cool teleprompter project. It requires nothing more than an iPhone, a Fresnel sheet magnifier and a sample piece of beam splitter glass. It is designed for 50mm lenses.

OK, a Teleprompter is the thing that news persons read from when they sit down. It’s kinda like the scrolling opening of StarWars. (this is why it looks like newsman are watching ping-pong while broadcasting the news). The cool thing is that the camera sits right behind the teleprompter so it looks like the anchor is looking straight at the camera. [Read more...]