How To Build A DIY Frugal Crane 2.0

After posting that last DIY Jib Video we had some complains about the fact that there are better, more functional and easier builds to make.

While we shared some easier/cheaper jibs in the past, we thought that this was more of a full blown job and was worth a share.

How To Build A DIY Frugal Crane 2.0

Reader Rick pointed out that The Frugal Filmmaker has one of the best DIY crane/jib tutorials out there called the Frugal Crane 2.0. Unlike most DIY jibs it only uses 1 rod. So leveling and control is achieved with a garage door pulley and vinyl coated line. [Read more…]

Yet Another DIY Jib (YADJ)

THe good folks over at Film Riot have had this up for a while, and it went under the radar. With my recent obsession to jibs I stumbled upon it and thought it was worth sharing.

I love the idea of using a lazy Susan for smooth tilt movement and the fact that it is a huge and sturdy jib with a long motion range. And that it is black.

It seems that it is can take a bit more weight from previous Homedepot jibs we shared, and the cost matches. About $100 instead of the smaller $20 jibs. [Read more…]

3 Zoom H1 Recording Tips I Learned The Hard Way

3 Zoom H1 Tips I Learned While Making A Video

I’ve been shooting still for quite a long time now, about 18 years. But videos are really new to me. And it turns out that there is a learning curve. While I feel pretty confident about composition, exposure and stuff like this, some aspects are completely new to me.

Being on a shoot a few days ago, I learned a few tips the hard way. Weirdly enough, they all have to more with audio, and the Zoom H1 in specific, than with video. [Read more…]

Yes! You Can Make Some Awesome Films With A $20 Jib

Awake in the Woods is a short film by Chad Bredahl. The first thing that I noticed is the extensive use of jib shots. I love jib shots (and jibs), as they are an interesting way to add movement when you tell a story.

Chad made his jib, dubbed the KrotoCrane, at minimal cost – about $20 including the fuel to get to Home Depot. And the results are pretty impressive.

Here is the best part: Chad, being the nice guy that he is, made a couple of videos showing both how to build the KrotoCrane and how to use it we share them right after the jump. [Read more…]

Fitting A Sony NEX 5N With A Fan To Shoot Extended Videos

Fitting A Nex 5N With A Fan To Shoot Extended Videos

I remember the days that all we cared about was getting bigger fans in our PC chassis so we can cool the CPU and have it run at higher speeds. Those were fun days.

Seems like the Sony NEX 5N has a similar issue with its sensor getting to the overheat lockdown after 16-20 minutes depending on the ambient conditions.

This may be a don’t care if you are only shooting short clips, but for an interview or a sequence of car shots it can really slow you down.

Aron Anderson of trinityfxmg came up with a mod that reminds me of the old days- adding a fan to the NEX 5N. [Read more…]

How To Make a Kickin’ POV Helmet Cam

If you wanna shoot first person footage, one of the easiest ways to do so is using a helmet cam. Well, you can always go with a GoPro, but if you want the quality that is coming from a Canon 7D, you may wanna build your own rig.

The good folks at DakaKin came up with a sweet tutorial on how to mount a DSLR on a helmet. The simple rig is made with a pink helmet, a metal bar, a cheap tripod head and some weights. The nice thing is that once the camera is mounted, it is roughly at eye level so it will see whatever the shooter is seeing.

If you’re not sure what this is good for, wait for the awesome Max Payne samples at the end of the clip. (not sure Ol’ Max will wear pink though)

[How To Make The Best Helmetcam Ever via planet5D] [Read more…]

How To Build The Easiest Motorized Slider

Here is one memorable quote, “It is a slider, not a roller after all“. This comes from Dan Colvin, a film maker and a unicyclist that was set to build a slider that would be easy to build, even if you are not a certified maker. To meet this end, Dan removed any complicated mechanisms from his slider, eliminating wheels, pipes, metal work and leaving only a felt covered 2 by 4 and a stretch of plywood as the basic elements of the slider.

How To Build The Easiest Motorized Slider

The slider is powered by a K’nex motor that pulls the felt covered 2 by 4. I must say that I was kind of skeptic about how smooth the action would be. I was surprised. It is very smooth. See for yourself in the footage below followed by a build guide. While the footage shows a small smart phone for cam, I think it would work for larger cameras too.

Following is some demo footage, followed by an instructional video

[Read more…]

Optical Low-Pass Filter Removed From 5D Mark III

Looks like today is hacking new cameras day. After the unobtrusive $30 WiFi hack for the D4 comes a much braver hack for the 5D MKIII. Film maker James Miller was brave enough to break open his brand new 5D MKIII and removes the anti aliasing filter (or Low Pass Optical Filter – LPOF) from his camera.

The anti aliasing filter serves an important function in the camera’s digital workflow. It removes some of the “real world” data so it matches the resolution of the camera sensor. This artificial “downgrade” contributes towards a smoother image.

But anything comes with a cost, and the cost of using an Anti Aliasing filter is decrease in resolution.

Optical Low-Pass Filter Removed From 5D Mark III

So, here comes James Miller and surgically removes the anti aliasing filters from his 5D mkIII. On the plus side the modified Canon now produces drastically sharper movies. On the down side, he must have had a heart attack. On the down side, it seems that a piece of glass needed to replace the filter to prevent back-focusing. [Read more…]