500px Improved Their Image Uploader To Allow Bulk Upload & Other Time Saving Options

Popular image sharing and photo marketplace, 500px announced this morning they have made some updates to the way users are able to upload their photos to the website, which will (hopefully) allow photographers to speed up their online workflow a bit. The latest update now allows users to upload their images in bulk rather than having to painstakingly upload each individually, as Clay Cook explains in the demo video.

You can upload new images from your hard drive or import them from other websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, etc…While waiting for your image collections to upload in the background, you are free to spend that time tagging, titling, licensing options, and organizing the fresh uploads so they are ready for publication on 500px as soon as they are finished uploading.

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Android’s Next Update Set to Bring Manual Focus, DNG, Exposure Control, and More

Android L

Earlier this month, Apple raised the bar for the iPhone’s camera when it announced iOS 8; the upcoming software is set to give iOS users features such as manual exposure, time-lapse photography, and more. With the passing of Google I/O just last week, we were introduced to Android L. After a weekend of coverage, it looks like Android’s camera is about to get a few small updates, as well…

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