Quick Tip: Quickly Change Between TTL and “Dumb” Sync Modes With Off Camera Flash

We got this great quick tip by mail from Brian Carey. He shoots a lot with off camera lighting and came up with a clever hack to switch between TTL and “dumb” PC-sync in a second. No complex menus, no fiddling with small buttons, just a straight easy swap. And it only takes a small game of Operation.

Quick Tip: Quickly Change Between TLL and Sync Modes With Off Camera Flash

This is one of my favorite and most used photo hacks. With my portable speedlite light modifiers I use either Cybersync or TTL flash and this hack allows me to change to and from wired TTL to wireless (in this case non TTL) in seconds. The 3.5 mm, 1/8″ miniature jack also works with Pocket Wizards and other triggering devices. [Read more…]

TTL Flash Cord Soup From A Stone

DIY TTL cordNot long ago I posted an article about extending a TTL cord. This hack is kinda nice, especially since concatenating a few SC 28s can get you bankrupted.

Soon after I got a mail from reader Benedikt Seidl saying even buying the original SC 28 is a waste of good money. Actually all the material you’ll need to create a TTL cord is  a stone. OK, a stone and a wiper. Oh you have some guitar string, great. Now usually this will do, but if you have just one little copper board… 

So Benedikt’s site is in German, but he was kind enough to translate the article into English for DIYP readers. Benedikt’s site has lots of cool projects. The bad news is that it’s all German. The good news – the images are usually enough to follow.

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The Strobist Corner – Extending Your TTL Flash Cord

TTL Cable Extender
When I first got this hack in the mail I immediately thought, hey this looks like something Strobist would do. After all he did it with a PC-Sync cord. This great mod from Mario Giambanco takes it one step further. Instead of using a PC-Sync and a home power cable, Mario used a TTL cable with a network cable. Simple? Kinda. Genius? Surly.

One of the things I really like about it is the extended rage you get, up to 50 feet. Maybe more. Radio Poppers, right behind you :)

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