Build a Panoramic Head For Perfect Panoramas

Build a Panoramic Head For Perfect PanoramasI do some real estate photography that requires indoor panoramas. Those are kinda hard to take because the small space and proximity of objects really makes any parallax errors show significant distortion on the final picture.

First I bought the Panosaurus (which was HUGE and a bit cumbersome as it support any camera) but it does work. This got me thinking: do I really need a panoramic head that can support any camera at all, or do I just need to support my Lumix GH1 and 9-18mm lens.

After making a few brackets, I decided that this one is going to be focused on ease of manufacturing. [Read more…]

Credit Card iPhone Holder

Credit Card iPhone Table TripodHere is a little hack that will save you money, help you not to spend another dime and make it easy for you to view pictures on your iPhone during eating your cereals.

It is the Credit Card iPhone Holder. TADA! A while back I saw this great hack from Flickr user TheCase. It was about abusing a credit card and converting it into a mini tripod thingy. Think Glif, only flatter. [Read more…]

Automating Your Slider for About 20 Bucks

Automating Your Slider for About 20 BucksA while back we featured a nifty way to slide your camera while taking time lapse movies. At the core of that system there was a BBQ rotisserie motor. It is a very common item, but hell to carry on location.

If you own a slider rail or a dolly (or if you hacked one yourself, or if you own a skateboard), you can take the concept of sliding with you on location.

Norwegian photographer Joakim Fjeldli takes the concept of motorizing a slider, an Igus DryLin in his case, and adds portability. [Read more…]

How To Mount Anything In The World

How To Mount Anything In The WorldSometimes you want to add a 1/4″ threading to objects that don’t have threads. It makes sense. I mean, all the mounting gear is already built to support 1/4″ thread: Tripods, light stands, swivels…

This allows you, for example to position a flashlight on a swivel and have full control over it’s angle and direction. Or mount a point and shoot on a bicycle handle.

Photographer David Sr. Lapeer showed a smart way of doing this on the DIYP flickr threads: [Read more…]

Take Extremely Low Angle Pictures With A Floor Plate Tripod

Take Extremely Low Angle Pictures With A Floor Plate TripodSometimes, for various reasons, you need to shoot from a very low vantage point. In my “cozy” studio, which you might remember seeing in my video – “intro-duck-tion”, that happens quite a bit.

The shortest tripod I own is sometimes still not quite short enough, and handholding is not always an option. So I recently made this floor plate.

While the glue was drying, I looked up similar items on the open market and found that there are a few options out there, but they cost between $50.00-150.00, and in my opinion they are often too light and/or too small to offer true stability and support for a heavy – possibly front heavy – camera. Many of the DIY solutions I came across were also overly complicated.

So, I built my own, which cost me about $20.00, and is now already ready for action. [Read more…]

Using a Kitchen Timer To Create Panning Timelapse Movies

The super techy kitchen timer panning headWe have had a post before where we shoed how to use a canon G9 camera and a bunch of opensource photography software (mainly CHDK) to create amazing timelapse movies.

This time we are taking it up a notch and adding some movment to the movie. The idea is simple, using a mechanical kitchen timer (I used a fancier one :) and a bolt we created a rotating camera. Movie with tutorial and samples after the jump. [Read more…]

Homemade Camera Panoramic Head

Homemade Camera Panoramic HeadThe following post about creating a polycarbonate panoramic head was written by Barry Young. It is a slick design that uses semi-fixed drilled holes for vertical panning and polycarbonate for an even slicker look. In Barry’s words:

Both of my DSLRs, an Olympus E1 and a Sigma SD10, are somewhat limited (by today’s standards) in the number of megapixels they churn out. That doesn’t mean that I intend to upgrade them any time soon.

Occasionally though I want to capture a particular scene in the highest resolution I can and so, like many other photographers, I too have had a go at creating my own DIY panoramic head.

As you can see it is very much like many others you will find on the net, the main difference being that it is made of 12mm transparent polycarbonate, which makes it look slightly different from the norm. [Read more…]

Camera Shoulder Stock For Nature Photography

Camera Shoulder StockWhen shooting nature there nothing better than a getting just a little bit more stabilization. The stabilized you are the slower you can shoot.

Brian Carey has an awesome way of holding the camera while shooting nature. It’s a stock that allows you to use your shoulder for more stabilization, just like you would have done with a rifle. It’s gonna be all Brian in just a sec, before that make sure you take a peek at his fine art photography site and Flickr stream.

[Read more…]

The Strobist Corner: Protect Your Strobe With A Frisbee

Free-Style by Iguana JoEver had your light stand taken down along with your precious 5000$ Profoto? Not a fun experience.

Next runner up on the not-so-fun light stands falls is a knocked-down speedlite. While the cost of speedlites is considerably less than the cost of a Profoto, if this is all you have it can still be pretty annoying. Especially if you’re on the beach where it’s sandy. 

Keep reading for a cheap and ingenious solution. 

[Read more…]