No Sandbags? No Problem, Just Bury Your Tripod


Here is an interesting problem to have. What would you do if you wanna shoot in the middle of the desert, but don’t have any sand bags available? Photographer and Light painter Eric Pare (previously) had just this problem when he was shooting in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Yes, that thing made out of sand. Having no access to sandbag in the middle of the desert, Eric simply buried his 3LT Keith tripod in the sand. Kinda like having the entire desert as one huge sand bag. The results are totally worth it:
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Repurposing A Jump Rope As A Camera Pistol Grip

Our favorite maker, Chad Bredahl (previously featured here and here), just released a quickie on how to build a camera Pistol Grip.

A pistol grip is not an expensive item per-se (the great handle from P&C, for example, is about $19), but I love the idea behind it and I think a similar mechanism can definitely be used for other builds as well. And besides, who can resist the chance to dissect a lil girl jump rope.

If you ever tried to shoot video with a DSLR, you’ve probably noticed how quickly your wrist starts to heart. This happen because camera grips were not designed for video. A camera pistol grip changes your hand orientation while holding the camera to a more natural position do it does not get soar after a while. (Kinda similar to how you hold a pistol, hence the name). [Read more…]

A Clever Way Of Mounting A GoPro To A Car

If you want to rig a big camera to a car, you need quite a bit of building to do so. But if all you want is to mount a small GoPro, here is a clever mounting way courtesy of Chadman108.

A Clever Way Of Mounting A GoPro To A Car

The mechanism is based on a tripod and three suction plates (pretty similar to Cineskates’ CineSquid only with a tripod).

After removing a tripod’s spike’s they are replaced with mini ballheads attached to the mentioned suction plates via aluminum stock. The combination of variable length legs along with flexible-angled vacuum plates allows the tripod to rest in various positions covering almost any desired coverage of the car. [Read more…]

How To Shoot Ethereal 360 Camera Moves With a GoPro (DIY / Commercial)

You know those GoPro movies where the camera seems to rotate in space around a cyclist or a skier? Ever wondered how there were made? (If you wanna know what I am talking about check out the GoPro Hero 3+ commercial at around 3:33.

How To Shoot Ethereal 360 Camera Moves With a GoPro (DIY / Commercial)

Those are made with something called a GoPro Swivel adapter and I will feature two of them today. The first one is a completely DIY solution which will take you 20 minutes to make and the second one is a commercial solution that will set you back $125. [Read more…]

3D Printed Brackets For Panoramic Photography

Here is an interesting piece of gear. A 3d Printed lens collar that is designed for panoramic photography (this one is for Samyang 8mm, but the concept is similar for all).

While both the concepts of automated panoramas and nodal-point brackets are not new, I believe Ilya Titov made one heck of an innovative piece of gear, which is feature rich and I would not be surprised if someone productized (or crowd-funded) it.

3D Printed Brackets For Panoramic Photography

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Long Before Sony Did It, Jenny Had A Dog Mounted Action Cam Rig

A short while ago Sony got a good buzz about their soon to be introduced AKA-DM1 dog-mounted camera harness for the HDR-AS15. This particular harness is set to initially release in Japan and it not yet available in the US. Yet, Jenny Cisney, chief blogger at Kodak did a similar DIY with a Joby Gorrilapod and a Kodak point and shoot back in 2006. (10 Karma point if you can identify the camera :)

Long Before Sony Did It Jenny Had A Dog Mounted Action Cam Rig

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A Hand Made Motorized Panoramic Head (Made With An Old CD, And Handmade Gears)

Andrea Biffi is a photographer who happens to be an engineer. Good for everybody as he shares a smart totally made-at-home motorized panoramic head. (Kinda like the Gigapan systems heads, only simpler).

A Hand Made Motorized Panoramic Head

Just as a quick intro, a motorized panoramic head is what you use to take huge panoramas (like this 450 people pano taken in Germany). It takes a picture, moves the camera a few degrees, takes another picture. Rinse and repeat. Later, the individual photographs are stitched in post to create a huge, several Gigas worth of panorama.

Back to Andrea’s head. The ingenious part behind Andreas design is that it is purely mechanical. [Read more…]

Spoil Your Mamiya With A Wooden Shutter Grip

Spoiling your camera is fun. It also shows her you love here. We’ve shown how to spoil your camera with a DIY Carbon Fiber lens hood and a DIY Waxed bag, but never actually showed how you can treat that special medium format camera that means so much to you.

Shutter Grip for Your Medium Format Camera

Matt Bechberger over at Instructables has just that missing piece, a tutorial about treating your Mamiya 645 (or other medium format camera) with a custom-made wooden shutter grip. [Read more…]