DIY: Use A Camera To Make Water Flow Backwards (With No Software)

Interesting things happen when you combine makering with photography. Take this project by science channel brusspup for example. He has a neat way of making water flow in some weird ways, with the topping on the icecream being making them flow backwards.

So, how does it work?

The first part is tone generator. Brusspup is using a homemade device for that, but you can use an online tone generator. Tones are generated at 24Hz (that is 24 peaks a second). Those tones are fed to a hose via a speaker. Now the hose is generating a waveform, but we can’t see it because it is constantly changing.

The second part is the camera, which runs at 24 frames per second. You can think of a 24 FPS camera as a stroboscopic device that takes 24 images a second and freezes them.

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How to Create Magical Framed Portraits

How to Create Magical Framed Portraits

I have shot implicit nude before, and one of the things that I find to be hard on this type of shoot is how to hide the parts that you do not want to reveal in the final photo. Aside from the artistic decision, there is always the concern that the model will be exposed beyond what he/she had signed for. One night, while drinking my whiskey I had an idea – instead of hiding certain body parts, I can make them transparent. I thought that it would keep a very exposed feeling, while keeping the final photograph modest enough.

The first set of framed portraits was shot at an abandoned military base in the north of Israel (not telling where, but let me say that I practically shot on the verge of a civil war). I photographed Anna, a model I have worked with before, so we were comfortable experimenting. I also took a few framed photos I had around the house. A Pink Floyd framed poster and a few other framed beer coasters. [Read more…]