DIY Camera Hard Case

DIY Camera Hard CaseIn this post, Kevin A Crider will show you how to make a DIY Hard Camera Case the size of a suitcase. And yes, you can get a pro, feature rich version for $800, but if you walk to the closest garage sale, you can make a camera hard case for $5 and the price of the foam.

All this project requires is a suitcase that opens in the middle and a sheet of foam. You may use any suit case, but the ones that open in the middle allows us to store equipment on both sides. [Read more...]

Extending The GI Trigger Range

Extending The GI Trigger RangeFinally I got around to making a little change on my GI Radio Slave Transmitter set (those are also known as GI Triggers or Poverty Wizards).

I love the triggers dearly, and while there pop rate is not good enough to play Russian Roulette with, it is good enough for most of my usage.

One thing that has been bothering me for ages is the short rage of those triggers. While they work well indoors, they tend to be a little limiting once stepping outside. I looked around and found some great tuts (including a camo one) about extending the GI range. This post will describe how I did it (kinda quick and dirty).

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Wireless Tethering – Shoot Tethered… Wirelessly

Wireless Tether Device (by .Jazz)I know it sounds like an oxymoron, however, this is one of the best examples of hack’n mod beating the cr*p out of store bought solutions.

Canberra Australia based photographer Jamie Carl, rigged together a great system that will wireless your USB setup (can you use wireless as a verb? not sure). This is so trivial that it just shouts, Why didn’t I do this before.

Jamie says this setup helped hum nail a difficult car-rigged setup where he did not know how fast the car will be going, and as a result did not know what shutter speed to use for good motion blur on the road, but no camera blur on the car. Using a wireless USB Carl was able to sit shotgun and adjust the settings on the go. [Read more...]

Easily Carry Your Bokeh Discs

[091/365] - Make 7, Up Yours (by Marco_Parc)Finally, the Bokeh Masters Kit gets mod. I could not be more proud.

It is a simple mode, a modal’e. Yet DIYP’s kit is now a proud member of the modifiable products family. Kudos to Guy Tismansky for submitting it. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and see this kit introduction post.

The mod is simple and really takes only 30 seconds to complete, once done it will allow you to easily carry your bokeh discs by attaching the discs wallet to the camera strap. If you already have a kit, simply follow the instructions below. [The image above was taken by Marco_Parc using the bokeh masters kit] [Read more...]

Bullets Out / Batteries In

Bullets Out / Batteries InWeapon stores are a cool place for photogs to hang out in, not necessarily because photographers use firearms (though we are constantly treated as terrorists), but because photogs share some of the same concerns of hunters.

Readers Michael Page just spotted that bullet cases or (“Ammo” boxes) can be used to store batteries on long trips where you have no chargers. Or when you need lots of batteries to stay dry.

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Gloves / Photography Tips And Etre Touchy Gloves Winners

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is FreezingFour days ago, we had a post about making gloves that fit taking pictures in a cold weather. We also had a giveaway for Etre Touchy gloves.

Well, the Etre Touchy Contest is over and we have our three winners. Scroll to the end to find out if you are one of the Lucky bare handed who get a pair of the coolest photog gloves ever. We had 215 submissions, some had some great tips, some were hilarious to read (yup, I read them all) and some were simply opt-in which is also cool. Thanks for everybody who took the time to chim in. provided us with the winning numbers. However, just before we announce the winners, I’d like to share some of the really useful tips we got through the comments [Read more...]

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is Freezing + Giveaway

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is FreezingHave you ever tried to photograph a wolf on a wild terrain when it is sub-zero outside? If you have, you must know that gloves are a photographer’s friend. Of course, gloves can be a nemesis as well, if they are making you clumsy and take away your ability to press them little camera buttons.

I am going to show three ways to handle gloves clumsiness fever and then we will have a giveaway at the end. [Read more...]

The Best Invention Since The Invention Of The Power Cord

The Best Invention Since The Invention Of The Power CordThe following guest post about the best invention since the invention of the power cord (and saving space while traveling) is made by Simon Williams of Simon James Williams Photography.

You’ve been looking for something that will change your photography forever, something you’ve never quite been able to put your finger on, the “Zen” some people say that you have been looking for.

You have the best camera that your wife (or husband) will allow – in fact you’ve got more mega-pixels at your disposal that the Hubble space telescope. You are in more debt than the Lehman Brothers website designer because of it. [Read more...]

Getting a Handle on Your Compact Flash Cards

Getting a Handle on Your CompactFlash Cards The following idea about making flash cards accessible to nails-challenged photographers is a guest post by Zaug one of the world’s leading “your own bokeh” photographers.

I am quite happy with almost every aspect of my Sony alpha 850 and 900 DSLRs; one of the particular things I like is their size, especially with the addition of the vertical grips, they are a nice comfortable fit for my rather large-ish hands; not huge just larger than average.

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Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography Travel

Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography TravelThis is a quick photo-travel tip by DIYP reader Don Simpson. Actually it may be really obvious, but I learned that it is better to show the obvious than to assume that everyone already knows it. Actually, it is also a more general travel tip that applies to more than carrying photography gear.

Don’t you hate it how your cables fly about in your bag, and when you are trying to pull out  the batteries charger cable you also fish the USB cable, the pc-sync cable, the super long TTL cord, the power cord, the strip, and a bunch of other cable you did not even know you have?

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