Make A Camera Weather Protector From A CD Case

Most weather protection mods completely seal of the body and lens of the camera using Nylon (or some sort of nylon, at least). A very common hack is to use a UV filter as a front element for the lens and cover the rest with a bag.

The problem there is that drop on the lens cover may interfere with the shot. The folks at Digital Camera World came up with a different solution that uses a CD spindle for lens protection.

While this solution is not 100% tight, it looks like for non windy weather it provides good protection while removing the risk of drops on the lens of filter. (Yes, it also uses a nylon bag, I guess there is no way around this one).

Make A Camera Weather Protector From A CD Case

If you want a more refined solution, you can buy similar “dedicated” bags for about $6-$8 in B&H.

The only question now (2013) is where the heck does one find an empty CD case spindle?

[why a blank CD case is the perfect rain guard for your lens | Digital Camera World] [Read more…]

A Clever DIY Alarm For your Camera Bag

If you ever took a camera bag to a restaurant, coffee shop or anywhere that makes you put it on the floor, you know that can be really be a peace killer. And you are constantly worried that someone might snatch it.

You try placing the bag under the seat / have one of the straps loop around the chair legs and put it in your lap. Not really convenient.

Youtue user Kipkay came up with a clever $2.5 hack that may not protect your bag, but will definitely let you know if someone is trying to pick it up.

The system is based on a $2 impact alarm (the kind that alerts on broken windows) with an added $0.5 tilt switch. Once the device is turned on any tilt, such as a bag grab, will trigger the alarm. (As with everything, there are commercial options for this, but they are not nearly as cool)

Now here is the clever part (back in my programming days we used to call those “features”). The alarm has not off switch. Once it goes on it can only be turned off by drowning it, smashing it or…applying a magnet to the tilt switch, which is not that trivial if you just picked up this bag and started running. Where would you even get a magnet.

[$2 Alarm Protects Your Stuff!! via Photojojo | PetaPixel] [Read more…]

How To Make A Vintage Camera Half Case

Here is an awesome entry to our How I Took It Contest from Mambastik. It’s a vintage case for vintage looking cameras. This specific one is for the Olympus Pen EP1, but the process described makes it a breeze to adopt to any camera.

How To Make A Vintage Camera Half Case

Speaking of How I Took It, the submission period is over and we are working hard an rallying up the dozens of entries and reviewing them all. Results soon.

I decided to do this build as an alternative to expensive camera cases found on various online shops. I’ve always asked myself, “why is it so expensive? I could probably make it myself!” And so I took on the challenge. I made this a while back, but have made improvements since then.

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Protect Traveling Lenses With A Beer Cozy

If your camera only has one extra lens, it sometimes makes sense to save on the number of bags on a trip by co-locating the lens in a laptop bag or a day bag.

The thing is, you wanna keep the lens protected. Dedicated camera bags have foam inserts, called dividers, that’ll keep your lens safe from bumping against hard materials, but your laptop case will most likely won’t have those dividers.

Taryn Fiol of apartment therapy came up with a smart way or protecting a lens (or a strobe for that matter) if you choose to go bag-light.

By using a beer cozy to wrap the lens Taryn was able to protect it from strap hard edges. (and won a makeshift snoot in the process).

Protect Traveling Lenses With A Beer Cozy

Of course, if you want to go all the way to the other extreme, you can, with basic sewing skills, make your own camera bag insert all together.

[Creative Reuse: Keeping Camera Lenses Safe on the Cheap | Apartment Therapy] [Read more…]

Build A Bluetooth GPS Unit For Nikon Cameras

From the first time I saw the power in geotagging images I was immediately hooked. My Nikon D90 is capable of geotagging, but, unlike the S100 (for example) it has no internal GPS and requires the somewhat pricy GP-1 GPS Unit. I set out to make a better cheaper solution.

I started by doing a lot of research on this topic and it turns out that there is a fairly simple way to connect a receiver to a Nikon camera. Simple, if you don’t mind a bit of makering :)

Build A Bluetooth GPS Unit For Nikon

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The Holy Trinity Of Free Sunrise/Sunset Planning Tools For A Photographer

Great photographs involving the moon and the sun can be made by sheer coincidence, but they usually don’t. It took photographer Luke MacGregor three nights and the aid of an iPhone app to nail that wonderful Moon Through Olympic Rings photograph.

Holy Trinity of free sunrise/sunset planning tools for a photographer

Andy (A.K.A Stargazer95050 on Flickr), an experienced astronomical photographer,shares his holy trinity of free tools to assist in finding the perfect location relative to the sun and moon for taking a perfect photograph. [Read more…]