Watch The Olympus OMD EM1 Operates Under Running Water

One of the claims Olympus made about the Olympus OM-D EM1 is that its water and dust proofing have been improved over it OM-D EM5.

Chris over at the Phoblographer wanted to see if the camera will indeed stand to its spec and operate under running water. It did.

Watch The Olympus OMD EM1 Operates Under Running Water

In the short video below the camera is rinsed, washed (and repeat) and it still operates. One note that the test makes is that the lens – an Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 – is also weather proofed and it is uncertain if the camera will perform similarly with non-weather-proofed lens. [Read more…]

Using A Nexus 10 As A Photo Store Hub For Travel

When packing for a long-haul trip I did not want to take a computer along – both because of carrying weight and extra information across borders. I have a HyperDrive UDMA-2 device, but I do not like it. Small screen and very slow and clumsy interface kill it for me.

Naturally I thought to use the Nexus 10 tablet – it is light, has gorgeous screen, and reasonable storage. After cleaning all family videos off of it, it has a reasonable 27 Gb. More importantly, you can connect a hard drive to it – so the tablet becomes an in-field viewer and a transition device, dumping photos to multiple backup drives.

Using A Nexus 10 As A Photo Store Hub For Travel

I have to tell upfront that it did not turn out simple and so purpose of this is post to make it simpler for others. Unfortunately, much of the success depends on just right software versions working together. Since I got this setup working, I disabled app auto-updates until return from the trip. This setup uses the Android version 4.2.2. Turns out there are some application compatibility issues introduced by Android 4.3 yet to be resolved as of July 2013. [Read more…]

How To Relieve Your Neck With A Homemade Camera Harness

While a camera harness looks somewhat like a lunchbox, it is one of the most comfortable ways to wear a camera. The harness not only takes the weight of your neck (and places it like a backpack on your shoulders and back), it also prevents the camera’s from swinging into each other or other things in front of you. The really nice stuff comes from Lowepro, but if you are willing to get your hands dirty you can make a simple one yourself.

How To Relief Your Neck With A Homemade Camera Harness

Chiara Sciarone explains just how to make one: [Read more…]

A DIY Sound Blimp Shoots Concerts And Shows Stealth Style

Photographer Dan Tabar shoots on sound stages, movie sets and studios taking production shots and scene shots. (Those are used by the production but also sometimes get released as BTS from some movies).

A DIY Sound Blimp Shoots Concerts And Shows Stealth Style

When sound is rolling, the sound of the flipping mirror is quite disturbing and while the D800 that Dan uses has a “quiet mode”, it was not good enough.

The solution is to use a Sound Blimp – a sound absorbing case that mutes the shutter sound. A commercial Blimp goes around $1100, so Dan devised his own DIYed version for about $80using a Pelican case a  a base and PCV fittings. [Read more…]

How To Charge All You Mobile Devices On The Go

If you are spending a lot of time as a traveling photographer, you must have noticed that in addition to the usual energy consuming gadgets like strobe and camera batteries there are now a plethora of devices that need a USB charging buddy. Things like a Smart phone, an iPad or even a GoPro. Carrying around chargers and sockets for all this gear is kinda messy. Especially if you are traveling to a foreign country and need a power adapter for each charger.

How To Charge All You Mobile Devices On The Go

Adam Dachis over at Lifehacker has a sweet solution for this utilizing a gadget travel organizer, a 7-Port USB Hub and an 11,000mAh Portable Battery to make a light weight, portable and tidy charging station. [Read more…]

Tethering A GoPro So It Will Not Hit The Ground

The thing about a GoPro is that if you constantly challenge it to stay in one piece, eventually the odds will accumulate against you and it will fall and hit the ground (see the compilation of videos after the jump).

While a GoPro placed low and getting hit is no issue, having a camera drop a few meter is not healthy for the camera of the people below it.

Volleyball GoPro setup - ghetto safety cable

DIYP reader Joe Romie shoots a lot of volleyball and to get interesting angles he places a GoPro over the stadium mounted on a superclamp and manfrotto arm. Here comes the smart part (although somewhat trivial). Joe’s idea for using a GoPro in an impact prone environment is tethering it to the rail with fishing leaders so if it gets hit by the ball, it will not fall all the way to the floor a few meters below.

[Read more…]