Gain Total GoPro Control By Accesing it Via Wi-Fi


GoPro has some cool time lapse features, but they are somewhat restricted, especially the interval between shots parameter which is limited to 60 seconds. If the camera is close to a computer though, you can get total control over the camera by issuing simple HTTP requests.

Adrian Sitterle shares a complete list of HTTP GoPro commands as well as a simple script that uses them to take a timelapse with a 30 minutes interval.

Those commands control everything from waking the up the camera; through

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A Time-Lapse with a Twist: The Night Sky in Sync with the Camera

With the 4th of July having just passed, I think it’s a good time for us to look at some natural lights in the sky. Brace yourselves; here’s a video that wholeheartedly deserves the any amazement you’ll probably throw at it.

We’ve all seen some amazing time-lapse videos out there. Personally, I’m captivated most by the videos people shoot of the night sky. Living near a major city, it’s hard to find a field out there that doesn’t have utility poles, lights, and buildings, so I really don’t get much of a chance to experience looking at the stars like others do.

This video’s another night-sky time-lapse, but with a (pretty literal) twist. Instead of watching the stars fly past the camera in the night sky, you get to watch the stars move gracefully in sync with the rotation of the camera itself. I can’t think of a better way to explain it than , the director of the video, himself: [Read more...]

This 4K Time Lapse Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature All Over Again

When I first saw this 4K time lapse I thought it could not be real. I immediately turned up the volume and re-watched it on full screen (and was sorry that I did not have the ‘right’ big screen to watch it even bigger.

Made to be Seen is Joel Schat‘s demo reel but I would say that it is one of the most hypnotizing time lapse movies we’ve seen to date, (and we’ve seen a lot). Shot mostly in US national parks this footage is a collage of everything worth timelapsing, from sunsets and sunrises, though the aurora borealis, arches, moon rising, gazers and rainbows, hot air balloons and so much more.

Joel, does share his gear list as well as some behind the scenes footage (time-lapsed in its own rights) below. [Read more...]

A Beautiful 4 Years Timelapse Showing A Star Exploding 20,000 Years Ago


While this star exploded about 20,000 years ago (and captured on film starting  12 years ago), NASA has just released a mesmerizing time lapse showing its explosion and death and trippy music.

The star called was captured by the Hubble space telescope “erupting” about 10 years ago, emitting a flash-bulb like burst of light, illuminating the interstellar dust.

Just to get a sense of scale, the image is 13.6 light-years wide, this is not even at the scale of our solar system which is roughly 8 light-hours wide. [Read more...]

How To Build A DIY 2 Axis Cable Cam


One of the fun ways to ad motion to a movie is by using a cable cam. We featured a short tutorial about building a gravity driven cable-cam back in February, but as the name suggests it was gravity driven, meaning you have very little control over the speed and duration of the movement.

This tutorial uses (not one but two) motors for making a 2-axis cable cam that is more controlled. Specifically, they are using the Genie, but even if you don’t have the budget for this (and willing to let go of some control), you can use slower servo motors instead. [Read more...]

This Ten-Year Timelapse of the 9/11 Memorial Gives Us a Powerful Reminder

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.29.48 PM

I was born and raised a Muslim in America, and nine years old when New York lost its Twin Towers. The next week, I started finding out that the men responsible for hijacking the four airplanes that marked that terrible day did it in the name of my religion. What happened that day changed the course of the entire country; for me, that change came in the form of prejudice, fear, and hate. For a while, many people close to me dealt with threats, harassment, and misunderstandings because people were scared. It was extraordinary how different things had become in such a short time.

But the way things have changed up to now is even more remarkable. Today, even in Texas, that fear is dying. The people that live here build together, work together, and learn about each other in ways that are unprecedented. Granted, I can’t speak for other areas out there, but I’ve never seen Muslims so accepted into a community as I do today, and every now and then I find myself thankful for that. It’s a reminder of the endurance we’re all capable of; it’s a reminder of the fact that even when the loss we might face is overwhelming, our will to rebuild is what remains resilient. The 9/11 Memorial Museum and One World Trade Center that stand in New York today are living examples of that strength.

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Beautiful 4K LA Timelapse Ties Stars, City Lights and Horizon

Cinematographer Colin Rich is obsessed with lights. He just completed a 3 timelapse series dealing with the lights of LA and the results are stunning.

Colin masters just about any aspect of a good time lapse, both technically (day/night transitions, spectacular camera moves), but more importantly he manages to tie all those small sequences into a story. The story of LA.  Go full screen, see the movie, then hit the jump for more info and the previous installment of the series. [Read more...]

How To Build A Room Sized Camera Obscura (+ Timelapse)

We heard how dangerous it could get outdoors with all the traffic-crossings, pollen, rays of UV and so on, so we decided to stay inside and paint our walls with a live stream of the outside world…


For those less familiar with such witchcraft, this phenomenon is known as ‘camera obscura’…

First decoded by none other than legendary Arabic scientist, Alhazen, the surreal projections of light through a pinhole have been observed across a myriad of generations, eras and cultures – Today it is observed on DIYP.

Using no more than materials essentially considered rubbish, is it astounding to realize this simple manipulation of light we currently bask in is what eventually lead to development of the device currently reshaping the landscape of art (and spurred this DIY culture):
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Security Guard and Photographer Skirmish ends with Memory card Deleted and Damaged Gear

Over the time we’ve seen a lot of Police activity we tag under photography is not a crime, but I think that this is the first time we are covering anti photography actions not by a cop, but by a security guard.

Videographer Benn Jordan was doing a timelapse shoot next to an Acme Refining facility was faced with a security guard who was upset about the filming taking place. Benn found himself in quite a Kafkaic situation when he agreed to leave, but had his memory card taken and photos erased.

According to Benn: [Read more...]