6 Cameras Shootout – Can You tell which is Which?

J.P. and the crew over at The Slanted Lens took six cameras for a shoot out. Some of them are as high-end  as the Canon 1DC, while some are as crappy as the iPad (not the iPad air, just the  iPad).


The shootout was done on a pretty sunny day (so the iDevices can even start to compare) with no strobes, again so the iDevices will not be at a disadvantage.

Now here is the big question, can you match each of the photos to each of the following cameras?  iPhone 5C, iPad, Canon 5dmkIII, Nikon D800, Canon 1DC and a Sony R7.

Here are JP’s tests and thoughts following the 6 photos, see if you can match the photos to a camera and then watch the flick to see if you were right. [Read more...]

6 Awesome Home Studio Tips: Backdrops To Lights And More

The folks at the slanted lens are anything but low value so it was kinda surprising to see that many of their setups are actually low-budget DIYs. The short below shows six of those tricks including a plumbing backdrop hanger, a ton of budgety lighting solutions (some of which we have covered in the past, but their softbox is pure budget geniusity) and my favorite, another use for a tarp.

[6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio via theslantedlens.com] [Read more...]

Smoke Tube of Death – Controlling Smoke On Large Locations

Controlling smoke always seems like a hard task to me. Between the wind, air temperate and evaporating nature of smoke it can get quite tricky. It also gets harder to control the bigger the setup is. And going outside does not make it any easier.

Smoke Tube of Death - Controlling Smoke On Large Locations

While we’ve featured some other ways to control smoke, like cooling it to make it heavy and stick to the ground or replacing it with flour altogether, there is always room for one more smoky trick. [Read more...]

Tips On Building Lighting And Shooting On A DIY Green Screen

It’s been a long time since we had a good green screen tutorial here on DIYP, and Lars Lindstrom over at The Slanted Lens just came up with a pretty sweet tutorial on how to build a DIY green screen (also known as Chroma Key).

Tips On Building Lighting And Shooting On A DIY Green Screen

Aside the awesome car defying video, they also shared a few tips with the blog about lighting and shooting against a chroma key – DIY or not. More after the jump. [Read more...]

DIY DSLR PVC Shoulder Rig

DIY DSLR PVC Shoulder Rig

The folks at the Slanted Lens decided to Get a bit DIYish this weekend and came up with a PVC DIY shoulder rig.

It’s a bit different from the designs they are floating around the web and the entire build is about 10$. Basically it’s a bunch of PVC parts, a 1/4-20 screw and some optional electrical tape. It looks pretty nice, thought the angle on the shoulder looks a bit weird. [Read more...]

Focal Length Matters When Shooting Faces

How often did you hear that Zooming with your legs is not like zooming with your lens? They were right!

Focal Length Matters When Shooting Faces

This video demonstrates how different focal lengths control the distortion of the human face, assuming of course that the face take the same amount of space in the frame.

It is quite an interesting and experiment, and really easy to replicate at home, if you don’t believe the stuff you see on the internet. [Read more...]

Pixel Peeping Octodomes

I know the title says something about lighting modifiers, but after seeing the last installment of the slanted lens I figured I’d mess around with their timing and start the show where they make camera cookies. (did someone say mother’s day?)

Of course, they also pixel peep the heck out of photoflex Octadomes, and showing how to build several simple lighting setups using them. I guess you are here for the lighting, right? so go the beginning of the vid for the octa lessons.

[Read more...]

Using Moving Strobes In A Timelapse

Using Moving Strobes In A TimelapseVideographer J. P. Morgan put up another video describing how to shoot a time lapse. It is a bit different from the regular time-lapse sequences we usually see in two ways:

A – it is all done in a controlled studio environment using big guns, and B – it is moving the lights on a slider rather than moving the camera.

Adding up the cost of flashes, sliders and studio space, I arrived at about $36,864. I wonder if anyone out there knows if a similar thing has been done at a home friendly budget. Or is willing to take up the challenge.

Shooting Time Lapse with Strobes via The Slanted Lens [Read more...]

Using Different Sized Softboxes For Portraiture

Using Differnt Sized Softboxes For PortratureDid you ever wondered what softbox you should use when doing portraiture? If you only have one softbox, there is an easy answer, but if you have several sized softboxes, knowing which one to use can usually takes lots of experience and pixel peeping.

J. P. Morgan just put up another one of his Slanted Lens instructional videos, I can do nothing but admire the scientific approach in which he compares the effect of a small, medium and large softbox has. (Hint, it involves placing a 12 by 12 shooting target on the wall). [Read more...]