Yet Another Example Why Urbex Should Remain Secret

If you’ve been following the Urbex movement, you know what they do, they post amazing photograph from old and forgotten places.


If you want to join in, though, you may quickly discover that getting inside the circle of locations is not easy. In fact, it is extremely hard.  Those abandoned locations are not shared over the net, and usually if you asked an urbexer where a certain photo was taken you would get a vague response. Those locations are kept in secrecy and are only shared in a very close circle.

This may be infuriating, but there is a lot of weight under that decision. Here is one story to demonstrate why locations are kept secret:

The photo on the top (by The Other Side) is showing the snow cats Belgium used in their expeditions to Antarctica in the sixties. You can see those beasts in the video below: [Read more…]