TetheredShooting App Offers An Alternative To The CC Cloud


If you are shooting tethered a lot, there is a little app that offers a different approach to tethered shooting. Simply called TetheredShooting this app aims at providing a solution for the tethered part of tethered shooting.

The app works quite differently than other tethering apps we have covered with a premise to smoothly deliver previews of shot files using a secure connection between a computer and an iDevice.

The app works by polling a specific folder on a laptop or a studio computer and then displays the photos on the screen. [Read more...]

How To Wirelessly Tether To Lightroom

Benjamin Von Wong has a short and sweet tutorial on how to wirelessly tether a camera to a computer (his post is Lightroom Specific, but  I assume other programs will work in a similar manner).

How To Wirelessly Tether To Lightroom

You gain quite a lot of benefits from shooting tethered as Ben Explains: “Why tether you ask? Focus checking, framing, presenting shots to the clients on an actual screen, camera controls, live view, just to name a few… And all those are possible tethered directly to an iPad or a Computer using a nifty 300$ device named the CamRanger.

The caveat is that indeed you would need to say goodbye to $300 for the unit, but if you are doing large scale shoots and/or need to deliver live results to a client that may be very well worth the money. The teaser video is right after the jump. [Read more...]

Introduction To Tethered Shooting

Tethered shooting is connecting a computer to the camera when you shoot so the pictures you take a downloaded to the computer rather than (or in addition) to a memory card.

Usually, the camera and computer are connected by cable, hence tethering.

In this tutorial, I am going to go over tethered shooting, why (or when) you should shoot tethered, how it is done and what is the gear involved.

Introduction To Tethered Shooting

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