A First-Person Shooter Called Street Photography


In my early teenage years I loved nothing more than gaming and going to LAN parties every weekend. Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942 and Counter-Strike were my favorites back then. Although I also liked strategy games like Warcraft 3, I spent most of my time playing Counter-Strike with my friends till 2AM. Although I’m not that much of a gamer anymore besides the occasional SNES nights, a crazy thought crossed my mind. If street photography were a game, it would definitely be a first-person shooter.

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Finding Photo Worthy Scenes In Big Cities & A Few Quick Tips On How To Capture Them

In the clip below, National Geographic Traveler photographer, Dan Westergren, wanders the city streets looking for great photographs–sharing his process with us along the way.

Though this particular clip is set in the weird city (their words, not mine) of Austin, Texas, all of the tips Westergren shares in the video can easily be substituted in just about any major metropolis. No, you may not be able to capture Texas’s capital building or visit a really fun looking beard contest, but the pointers are just as valid. [Read more…]

The Secret Life of a Barcelona Bench


Think of the least time you sat on a public bench. Did you have lunch with a friend? Were you on a date? Did you have a seat to catch your breath after a run through the park?

Whatever it was, I bet you didn’t stop to wonder what happened on that bench 24 hours before you where there or what experience the person sitting there after you will be going through.

It’s amazing how many moments and experiences, as small and unimportant as they may be, take place in areas like public benches. Just as captivating is how unaware of it all most of us are.

For over a year now Hungarian freelance photographer Gábor Erdélyi has been following one of these modest hotspots, in an attempt to capture the bustling, vibrant and constantly changing city of Barcelona.

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When Will Street Photography Finally Grow Up?


Although this article is not the easiest one to write, I just need to get this off my chest. In case you haven’t noticed, street photography means the world to me. I pour all my heart and soul into it and to be honest, just like you I couldn’t imagine living without it anymore. If something or someone has a special place in your heart, you are willing to go out of your way and speak out inconvenient truths that may or may not offend certain people. Whether you may fully agree with what I’m saying or can’t believe that I have the audacity to do so, I’m only saying this, because I deeply care.

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Arkansas Wants Every Person in Your Photos To Sign a Model Release. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

Every. Single. One.

Every. Single. One.

The next case in a seemingly never ending list of bills aimed at limiting photographers’ rights is SB-79 which was passed by the Arkansas Senate on Tuesday.

The bill aims to “Enact the Personal Rights Protection Act: and to Protect the Property Rights of an Individual to the Use of the Individual’s Name, Voice, Signature, and Likeness”, and according to the American Society of Media Photographers it “expands the individual’s Right of Publicity to an unprecedented extreme”.

The bill would require explicit written consent for photographers or videographers to include an individual’s likeness in a photograph that is used for practically any purpose within the state of Arkansas. Several Fair Use exemptions have been made, but they’re far from being ideal.

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3 Essential Street Photography Lessons


First things first. My name is Marius Vieth and I’m a 26 year old fine art photographer from Amsterdam who loves nothing more than street photography.

After shooting all sorts of things from 2011 to 2012 without ever finding myself and feeling my photography, I discovered my deep passion for street photography in the first month of my 365 project in 2013.

Since then, I’ve not only spent almost every single day on the streets of the world to capture wonderful moments, but I’ve also built my life around it.

Within these two years, I’ve won 20 awards so far, but if there’s one thing that makes me happier than that, it’s sharing my experiences and maybe inspire fellow photographers to fall in love with street photography as well.

So, here are three incredibly important lessons about street photography I’ve learned so far!

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The Art Of Reading Captured By New York City Photographer During 20 Year Career As A Photojournalist


Bus driver, Tribeca, Jan. 7, 2013.

As an 18-year old, Lawrence Schwartzwald didn’t own a camera, nor had ever practiced the craft. The teenager, however, was an avid reader and all around admirer of books. That year, 1971, Schwartzwald would pick up a copy of famous street photographer, Andre Kertesz’s book, On Reading.  The notable book had just been released, it’s pages housing an expansive collection of  black and white candid shots of people reading–over 60 photos, which Kertesz had taken during the 50 years leading up to the book’s release. Browsing through the images, it’s easy to understand why they caught the young Schwartzwald’s eye. [Read more…]

Photographer Builds An Entire City From Blocks In His Studio


Italian photographer Matteo Mezzadri wanted to show a different perspective of a city and for that he built a whole city in his studio. Sadly (or happily for us), Mezzadri built a city equivalent in his studio.

The city is built from red blocks and is not built after a real city. Mezzadri tells inmybag that

…[the project] “Città Minime” [minimal city] explores the space in which the majority of people live, an urban space recognizable in its essential structures: the buildings, the roads, the trees, although seen from a different point of view that distorts and recreates them.

The shots are the result of a meticulous, almost obsessive staging in which the picture remains the only evidence of large-scale installations made in the photographer’s studio or outdoors. The use of Photoshop is minimized, while the atmosphere is recreated with a clever use of technical devices.

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What Are You Willing To Give Up To Be A Better Photographer?

what would you

A couple years ago, Eric Veloso was sitting in his car in a parking lot in Vancouver, beating back the feeling of dread as he mentally prepared himself to start work at his day job. Not a bad job, but still a job that Veloso did not want to be at. It wasn’t his passion in life and did little in the way of nourishing his creative aspirations. That, of course, is not an uncommon feeling to have, perhaps you, too, are familiar with it. When a routine becomes so dull, so unfulfilling it just sits there heavily, like a rock, in the bottom of your stomach, until finally, one day, you realize just how much it’s weighing you down. and wearing you out. It’s like an epiphany when that happens. All of the sudden a light bulb turns on and there’s a moment of clarity, followed shortly afterwards by an overwhelming sense of relief and freedom. [Read more…]

71 Year Old Street Art Photographer Martha Cooper Returns To Photographing What Made Her Famous


Martha Cooper photographing graffiti artists in Hawaii.

In 2013, Martha Cooper celebrated her 70th birthday in grand fashion. She had a shoot planned in Manhattan to photograph a massive street art mural. When she arrived to take the photos, she discovered the mural was actually a giant birthday card to her from two well known street artists, How and Nosm. The entire thing was a clever ploy to get her to her own surprise party. As word spread via social media about NYC’s latest graffiti installation, more and more people starting showing up to the party. Before long, there was a waiting line of well known writers, artists, photographers, and fans all waiting to have their photo taken with Cooper.

You see, though she’s a photographer of many things, Cooper has a reputation for being one of the best graffiti and street art photographers in the world. Getting her start as a photojournalist for the New York Post, after an intership with National Geographic, she was at the forefront of the graffiti revolution that painted New York City throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. She immereserd herself in the culture when it was still fresh and new, slowly building her reputation as the graffiti photographer. [Read more…]