Mixing Street Photography and Projected Light

I stumbled upon Martin Weibel‘s photography and saw something I have never seen before, mixing candid street photography with projected light.


I wanted to learn more and engaged in a discussion with Martin. I asked him what was the inspiration for the series.

I am a Swiss based photographer who grew up in Lucerne, a real beautiful town in the center of Switzerland. My work mainly revolves around black and white street photography.

I love this [street photography] discipline because it’s always different, unpredictable, and unique. Each moment occurs only once. I love taking photos of people, even strangers. And almost everywhere you go you will find them. My curiosity about the human condition and how people go about their lives is what drives me. The opportunities that street photography provides are endless and the moments are always present, just waiting to be captured. [Read more...]

See New York Though The Eyes Of Flo Fox – A Blind Photographer

68 years old photographer Flo Fox is winning the war against will power every day. Born blind in one eye, she has been shooting for over 40 years, ever since she got her first paycheck and bought a camera.

flo fox

She jokes that she had a built in advantage in the fact that she did not have to close one eye to take a picture going from 3D to a two dimensional state just to take a photograph.

Around 30 years ago, her eye situation deteriorated and her healthy eye started texturing and loosing sight as well, and she needed a cane. She than discovered that she had MS (Multiple sclerosis), and she slowly started to loose motoric functions. [Read more...]

Keeping Your Eyes Open

Remember when I wrote about Quintessential Moments? It focused on benchmark or definitive moments in our growth as photographers. Maybe it was a photograph where a new concept fell perfectly into place. Maybe it was an image that had a profound impact on you– or someone else. One thing that I mentioned in passing at the end of the article was that you can’t force these moments. You can’t stack the deck and artificially create a defining moment.

I should have taken my own advice this past weekend.

Dragon*Con once again came to town, and with it came its annual parade. I have a pretty healthy comic book and sci-fi nerd streak in me, so it’s always a good time wandering around with my camera, getting fun shots of people with perhaps…well, let’s just say they take their love for these characters way more seriously I do. Way, WAY more seriously. And come on– who doesn’t love a parade?


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