Is Shooting A Video On Film Still Worth It?

You know Steven. He is the crazy hacker who made the Battlefield Pinhole Camera (and others….). This time around he sent me his latest music video. Here is the thing, it was shot 100% on film, and well worth the effort.

The clip was shot with a rented Aaton LTR 54, using a full Zeiss Prime f/1.2 series lens kit (80mm, 50mm, 35mm, 25mm, 16mm, 12mm, 9,5mm, 5,6mm aspheron)

First, this clip is just oozing with creativity, but that alone does not justify film. I asked Steven why he shot this on film and basically he has two reasons:

The first one was the physical qualities of the film, huge latitude and grain: [Read more…]

The Jaw Pinhole Camera Really “Snaps” Pictures

the JAW - pinhole camera

Steven Monteau has an impressive record as a pinhole camera builder. Last year we shared two pinhole tutorials that he made, one for The Battlefield Pinhole Camera and La Guillotine pinhole camera. Today, I wanna introduce you to Steven’s third creation, THE JAW.

The unique thing about THE JAW, aside being a ridiculously cool homemade pinhole camera, is the fact that it uses masks to interfere with the pattern exposed on the film. (oh yea, it shoots on good ol’ film).

The over-sized camera carries some other special features. It has an hidden space that carries spare masks, a tripod mount and a spectacular cable release controlled shutter made in the shape of a giant JAW. [Read more…]