Twitterers Lash Out at Steven Spielberg for Killing an Innocent Dinosaur

TillyTweetWe’ve seen this before; hunters kill helpless animals and then hurry to have a photo taken with their ‘trophy’. Sometimes an unlucky hunter’s photo gets shared enough that it gains the internet’s attention and all hell breaks loose.

The bigger and more endangered the animal, the more respected these hunters are among their scumbag peers; but the criticism and hate messages they receive increase as well.

Keeping that in mind, imagine what happened when Chris Tilly jokingly posted a photo of Steven Spielberg next to a triceratops prop and blamed him for killing the ‘defenceless animal’.

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The Spielberg Face

One of the reasons Steven Spielberg is considered a sage in the art of filmmaking is because of how successful he is at keeping the audience emotionally connected to the movie. Even from simply seeing the helicopter approach Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park, we’ve got that rush of excitement; we didn’t see anything at all yet, but we knew it was coming. We knew because John Hammond’s eyes started gleaming with childlike joy as he pointed at the island and said, “There it is.”

Here’s a badly-mathed-out breakdown of a good movie: while one half of the work goes into making the magic a reality through set design, visual effects, and sound editing, another half goes into making the characters of the film believable and enjoyable. Though dinosaurs may only have been in the movie for about fifteen full minutes of its screen time, we enjoyed the movie that much more because of how believable the reactions of the characters were.

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