How a Band Responded in the Most Immature Manner Possible After Stealing a Photographer’s Work

Red Jumpsuit's Twitter

It’s a sad reality for small business photographers that there will be times where their work is stolen by others. Most of the time they’ll barely be able to fight it, either, and they’ll drop charges just because they can’t go on with them.

But its not everyday that you hear about that work being stolen by other artists.

That’s what happened to Rohan Anderson, a photographer from Australia whose work was just recently posted on the Facebook page of a band called The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Featuring one of the band’s guitarists, the photo was cropped, filtered, and put up on the page with nothing other than the caption “SHREDDER.” [Read more…]

Using Ur Pics To Get More Biz Isn’t Using Your Pics. It’s Called “Biz”

This story exploded over the photography blogosphere and I am not really sure if this is a sad or a funny story anymore.

Using Ur Pics To Get More Biz Isn't Using Your Pics. It's Called "Biz"

Apparently, photographer jwarstyle tried to get an easy pass into the wedding photography industry. He did so by picking up a few awesome wedding photos from Terralogical, Daniel Kudish and a few winners of Fearless Awards and displaying them as his own in a gallery that he took down.

But only after being called out by (the terrific) stop stealing photos tumblr the real fun  began. And by fun I mean god’s wrath unleashed in Jay’s twitter feed. [Read more…]