See How To Stabilize Your DJI Phantom Footage With A $10 Rig


Shooting aerial footage with a DJI Phantom and a GoPro can be an awesome thing, but while the system takes care of getting the camera in the air and actually capturing some video, it has an inherent flaw which creates a Jello Effect if the rotor vibrates too much.

And indeed both the net (and the stores) are filled with tips and advice on reducing this Jello Effect. If you want a deeper understanding on where this effects comes in the first place, take a look at our rolling shutter intro. Anyways, it’s there.

The secret for reducing the jello effect is to disconnect the vibration coming from the DJI rotors from the camera. And this is exactly what the team at Human Resources did.

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Stabilize Your GoPro Footage By Pressing It To Your Face


You probably noticed how shaky GoPro footage is. The combination of the camera being so small and so light practically outsources stability to the photographer.

There are some GoPro dedicated Steadycams in the market which will help with stabilization, but if you just need a quick smooth shot, you would not believe how easily you can make one. After watching this short from Mic Bergsma you would never stop kissing your GoPro too. [Read more...]