Rugby Superstar Celebrated by Ruining a $94,000 Lens


Getting an autograph from your favorite sportsman will easily become the highlight of the game for you, and if the autograph was given on the day of a memorable event it might even be worth some money.

The problem – most autographs aren’t worth $94,000, which is roughly the price of the lens ruined by Kenya’s rugby player Collins Injera.

Injera had planned to celebrate by signing the ball, but on the spur of the moment he headed over to the cameraman and gave the viewers at home an autograph as well.

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Olympic Gold Snowboarder Shows Off New Trick Integrating A GoPro In The Most Awesome Way

Passing off a GoPro to Sage Kotsenburg mid flip.

Passing off a GoPro to Sage Kotsenburg mid flip.

Professional snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg, is well known for developing new tricks. He won an Olympic gold medal during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games after pulling off a “1620 Japan Air Mute Grab”, a trick Kotsenburg debuted (and had actually never tried) prior to his Olympic run. For that move, he flipped through the air 4 ½ times while holding his snowboard behind his back. It was pretty wicked, enough to wow the judges and secure him the gold medal. You can check out some sweet composite images of the that entire run over on the New York Times.

Kotsenburg appeared on the Conan show last night to debut an all new trick he’s been developing: a mid-frontflip camera grab. As the name implies, the trick involves him doing a mid-frontflip while grabbing a GoPro camera out of his incredibly brave friend’s hand. Naturally, the GoPro is recording the entire thing. [Read more…]

Sports Illustrated Cuts Entire Staff Of Photographers From Payroll


There aren’t many working staff photographers around the world that aren’t worried about their jobs or wondering when the day will (inevitably) come when their publication will start handing out marching orders to the photography department. For the six remaining staff photographers at Sports Illustrated, that day came yesterday when the publication announced they would no longer need the services of Robert BeckSimon Bruty, Bill FrakesDavid E. KluthoJohn W. McDonough, and Al Tielemans.

The magazine’s director of photography, Brad Smith, confirmed the news, citing “economic circumstances”. Sports Illustrated’s is undergoing several changes under the direction of parent company, Time, INC. In addition to letting go if it’s photographers, the magazine is also moving it’s headquarters into a smaller building because they cannot afford the rent in their current location any longer according to a statement issued to one of the photographers from a Sport’s Illustrated editor. [Read more…]

Is Live Sports Photography Really Photography?

What about concert photography?  Fashion show photography?  Paparazzi? Red carpet event photography?  Or pretty much any circumstance where there are multiple photographers taking the same photos from the same location, in the same light, with the same gear, at the same settings, producing photos that look pretty much the same as every other game / concert / fashion show / celebrity photo ever taken?

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On the Sidelines with High School Junior at LSU Football

UPDATE: We want to clarify that there was a misunderstanding in the text of the interview. Jansen A. Nowell is not an official LSU Staff Photographer. He is in no way affiliated with LSU Athletics. 

Professional photographers get asked all the time, “what is it like to be a professional photographer?” Sure there are things we can say, and things we can try to visualize for them to really see what we get to experience as a photographer.

Jansen A Nowell, a high school junior, took his answer a bit further with a couple GoPros and a broomstick!

Jansen A. Nowell on the sidelines taken by fellow photographer.

Jansen A. Nowell on the sidelines taken by fellow photographer.

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Photographer And 7 Skaterboarders Take Over Helsinki Airport For Once In A Lifetime Photoshoot

For Arto Saari, the world of professional skateboarding feels a lot like home. Saari, an accomplished skateboarder, has a deep history in the sport and one which is decorated by numerous world championships. As a young star, Saari worked hard throughout his youth to establish himself as one of skating’s biggest stars and now his passion for skating has encouraged the athlete to branch out and enjoy the sport from an all new perspective as a photographer. [Read more…]

No, You Can Not Patent “Sorting And Uploading Photos For Athletes To Download”


A few weeks back we reported a weird patent lawsuitPhotoCrazy (owned by Peter Wolf), was suing a South Carolina event photography business, Capstone, for violating a few patents. without going into the technicalities of it Photocrazy claimed that “taking photos of an athlete at an event, sorting the images by the bib number wore by the athlete, and putting them a website” is their patent.

Sound like bull, right?

Right! And court backs it up.

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Von Wong Photoshoot Kinda Makes Us Wish We Worked At SmugMug (Plus A $20 DIY Rain Machine!)

von-wongWhen SmugMug wanted photographs of their employees to hang in the company gym, a traditional corporate portrait just wasn’t going to cut it. They wanted something sporty and they wanted it in black and white. The rest of the creative direction was handed over to Benjamin Von Wong, the photographer you call up when you want epic photos and exactly who SmugMug went to for their shoot.

As usual, Vong Wong delivers the goods. Not only is his concept intriguing, but he really knows how to make the subjects comfortable in front of the camera. And let’s not forget the sweet DIY rain machine he built using PVC pipe and sprinkler heads. You can learn more about the build on his blog along with a lot of other tidbits relating to the shoot like lighting patterns, post production tips, and advice on thinking outside the box. [Read more…]

Creative Sports Photography: How To Show Motion For A Creative Effect

show-motion As Joe McNally explains in the video tutorial below, it can be really hard to get an original shot when shooting sporting events. Most of the photographers are shooting with the same size lenses and are generally limited to the same confined areas to shoot from. One way to make a photograph stick out from all the others is by getting creative using motion blur techniques. [Read more…]

One Photographer, Three Cameras : Shooting Cam Zink’s Mammoth Flip


Planning a fast paced, action sports photoshoot in which there is only one cameraman trying to capture multiple angles, is true test of any photographers ability to pre-visualize and plan a shoot. A skill which is priceless when you’re commissioned to photograph high energy sports and once in a lifetime moments similar to the exciting challenge Brett Wilhelm took on when he decided to photograph a champion freestyle mountain biker pull of a world record breaking flip.

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes action as Wilhelm shows you how he played the part of three photographers at one time.
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