Speed Links for 11-21-2008

speedlinksThis last month has been a stressed and wonderful month for me. I am starting to build a house. This is cool for two reasons. The first, I’ll have access to some great industrial / construction / raw locations. 

The second reason why it is so cool is that I’ll get to build a studio in the basement. Yes – after forfeiting my rights to have any say about decorations, room sizes and kitchen appliances, I get the basement for a studio. A good deal if you ask me. The studio will double as kid’s space, but who cares. It is still a studio. It’ll take about 8 to 10 months to build the house, then, expect a studio post. And if you come by, expect some great pizza and cold beer. 

This got me thinking and I have a new site project brewing up that has allot to do with my plans for the studio, so stay tuned.

However, if I look at the coming month, I get (almost as) equally exited with "Something New" – A Photography Project here at DIYP. The project encouraged photographers to share equipment and to discuss it online. We also have some great prizes – some two-weeks body/lens rental courtesy of BorrowLenses.

I see this project as a great opportunity to learn and teach, to go Yellow (if you are red) to Red (if you’re yellow), to go back to point and shoot days or to try some high-end dSLR. It is also a great opportunity do some photography "things" together.You can use this thread to find partners.

Till any of those projects complete, here are some of my favorite readings for the last month  [Read more…]

Speed Links for 10-23-2008

speedlinksWith the economy plunging and, with our money worth less and less every day, I tried to make this link roundup more about DIY, photography gear, and generally stuff that will not make you go out and spend money.

This month we started two new series, one focuses on taking photos of kids (or even pre-kids) and has less to do with equipment and the other one deals with using small strobes. Did I say small strobes? DIYP gridspot giveaway is still open for the next week so jump in, the water’s fine.

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Speed Links for 09-21-2008

speedlinksToday’s speedlinks is a bit eclectic, as I tried to touch a little on each of the aspect I love about photography. There is a film lover link, a techie link, a few workflow links and of course an art link.

If you enjoyed a link, leave a comment on the linked site, let them know you like their work.


  • 80 Film Cameras for Under 50 Dollars!
    Epic Edits
    One of the more fun things I did in the last month was joining Brian’s 50$ camera project. Brian and the Epic Edits community formed an unbelievable repository for old film cameras. Aside from siding with Jim Talkington, I also had a funsees submission featuring the Lomo Action Sampler
  • Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin
    Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog
    I just love Lightroom, but I have always felt that it lacks flickr integration. No More! Jeffrey Friedl came up with a Flickr Export plugin. I’ve been using it for about three weeks and have only good things to say
  • Lighting Q and A, 9/19/2008
    David is giving full attention to using flash in conjunction with ambient. In a post that starts as a simple comparison between working with and without a flash meter, David provides a detailed workflow for working with ambient (and without a meter). You may also want to check out Beyond Megapixels Histogram 101. The histogram can be a great tool when you are not using an exposure meter
  • This Post Not Made In Chrome; Google’s EULA Sucks Is Fixed
    Tap The Hive
    Sometimes the blogosphere can have big impact on multi-gazillion dollars companies. Djlosch point that Google Chrome’s EULA gives Google rights to everything that goes through it. (Yes the big G is into internet browsers now as well). The impact on photographer is huge. It means that almost everything that if you uploaded something to Flickr, Goggle owns it. Goggle took notice and changed Chrome’s EULA
  • Lightroom 2.x Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts
    Gordon McKinney’s Photography Blog
    A while ago I discussed how to make an enhancement keyboard to Lightroom. Gordon posts a AutoHotkey script that will add some fastkeys to your Lightroom workflow without attaching a second keyboard
  • Fifty cent flash bounce
    Diffusing the on camera flash is always better then direct flashing. Here is one more cheapo alternative to the commercial products. You read right – 50 cents.
  • 8 craft store items every DIY photographer needs
    Here are eight items that every DIYer must have. While the list is not complete, it is a good base for starting some great projects. Feel free to add to the list
  • Nikon D3 Shutter Release in Super Slow Motion
    Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog
    This is an amazing video shoeing the Nikon D3 shutter sequence in slow mo. You can see how the mirror goes up, the first and second curtains and the mirror goes down again.
  • I Started a $2 Portraits Group on Flickr
    Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection
    Thomas Hawk started a new project where he give 2 dollars to any homeless that asks, and take a picture in exchange. A great project that involves community and photography. And there is a Group on Flickr to support it
  • Extreme X-Rays: Photographer Nick Veasey Takes You Inside … Everything
    Here some cool experimental photography. Actually, it is not longer experimental. Nick Veasey takes X-ray photographing to the extremes in this wonderful art.
  • Fine Art Photo Show or Why Nice Photo Mag Sucks
    Nice Photo Mag
    Zeke is adding a new project to his life called sleepless nights adorable baby. He thinks he will slow down a bit on his blog. On the other hand he is sooo going to be awake all the time, so maybe he’ll blog more. On a happier note, He has his own show now. if you are around the LA area it will open on Oct 2nd. It is annoying, attentions grabbing, it is everything but nice!

Last and not least is a new video from Jim Talkinton over at Pro Photo Life. Jim has a new video that explains just what a color profile is. It is not an in depth tutorial, but a good overview to get you started thinking about managing your color. While you’re at it, Jim just launched a new clean design to Pro Photo Life with clear categories and a great video library. If you did not visit him before, I encourage you spend some time there. It is a great resource to the studio photographer.

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Speed Links for 8-28-2008

speedlinksAfter getting back from one great Agile 2008
conference I had some time to get back to my grinding, head in the keyboard work kick back, relax and read some of the great content out there on the web.

I also remind you that there is about a week left to the grand finale’ of the Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway. There are some really great entries both on the black and white category and on the color category. There are also some great tips on taking portraits, and I’m looking forward to getting more of those tips submissions.

And speaking of great project’s Brian’s still running the 50$ camera project – a great way to experience film and get some cool prizes.

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Speed Links for 7-9-2008

speedlinksThis has been a busy month again with a great ending.

As usual my day job was getting more of my time then photography, but some good things happened in the last week or so.

The first is that my son’s teeth are finally breaking. It means that he plans to eat better, but it also means that I get some sleepless nights and wonder around the web to find great goodies.

The other good thing was a nice long vacation with no work email access (and actually no internet access at all – what do you know, it didn’t kill me).

No I am back and would like to share some of the great sites and article I found during those sleepless nights.

  • The 15 second DIY adjustable snoot!
    If you liked the cardboard snoot and the better bounce card you’ll love this adjustable snoot
  • How to Reduce Camera Shake – 6 Techniques
    Some great techniques to reduce blur when taking pictures. It all comes down to the way you are holding the camera. Techniques are especially useful, if you (like me) travel with kids which makes carrying gear virtually impossible
  • Chase Jarvis SHORTS: Pimped Photography Van
    Chase Jarvis
    Yet again, chase shows us how to make photography business with style. Forget about the batmobile. It is time for the framemobile. The next challenge is to make all the equipment fit in this.
  • The 75¢ Sandbag
    Stabilizing your setup can not go cheaper then this. For 75c a bag times four you can get **some** stability. The idea is great just need to be multiplied a few times
  • 10 things I hate about Flickr (and its users)
    Neil Creek
    Flickr has a lot of merits, but also a lot of vices. Neil gives a detailed analysis of how Flickr can become a better place. His comments can be used by Flickr programmers and Flickr users alike. Make sure you browse through the comments, there is a great discussion and opinions voiced there.
  • quick video 3: studio setup for a large white background
    If you’ve followed Zack Arias’s white background series, you’ll love this. A quick video on how to provide a white background in a full studio environment (A LA huge octagon and multiple flash units). Quick math produced 10,000 Watts/seconds.
  • Seeing the Possibilities
    The f-Stops Here
    everybody can take a stunning image of a great location. David walks us through a idea to convert a boring location to a winning shot
  • Alltop
    A ton of great photoblogs. And by ton I mean A TON. A great place to freshen up your feeds
  • Lighting 102: CTO Assignment | Discussion
    Great discussion from David on how to use CTO gels on your flash. I really like this one as it show just how creative one can get when assignment has a weird limitation such as Use a CTO gel on your flash. Dont miss the extra shot.

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Speed Links for 6-6-2008

speedlinksIt’s been another great month here on DIYP and in my life in general. The At My Home contest is gaining momentum, if you did not submit until now, there is just a little over a week left. There was some great reading over the internet during this time. I’d love to share some of my favorite readings.

  • Introducing Your Little One to Photography
    As a parent it is a great joy to share photography hobby with family and with your kids in particular. Photodoto shares some great advice on helping your little one see the joy of photography
  • Nude Controversy
    Eric shared his motivation for shooting nude. An excellent post on nude photography and feminism
  • Digital Forensics: 5 Ways to Spot a Fake Photo
    Scientific American
    Did you ever get the photo of the guy standing on the twins with one of the jets behind him? In the days of Photoshop and other image manipulation software it is easy to fake a picture. Here are 5 ways to stop a fake.
  • 10 Travel Photography Quick Tips
    Boots n’ all
    We’ve all been there. The postcards look way better then our trip pictures. Here are 10 ways to mend this. Not enough? Zeke Kamm, the nice guy, has some more tips on How to Take Vacation Photos That Don’t Suck
  • Off-camera Flash Demo
    Bert Stephani
    Bert Stephani always has something good in store. Aside from shooting beautiful models, he gives great tips and videos. In this post he shoes great pictures taken with off camera flash. Also, make sure you don’t miss his latest video
  • Are photographers really a threat?
    The Guardian
    We are all aware if the latest trend to see photographers as terrorists. Bruce Schneier shares his view on the reason behind it. Bruce coins the movie-plot threat as term that describes the gear behind photographers. make sure you browse through the link in the beginning of the post. the amount of reported cases is staggering. This is exactly why you need to be aware of The Photographer’s Rights

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Speed Links for 05-09-2008

speedlinksToday’s speedlinks comes a little bit before the usual monthly time for the speed links. The reasons for this is that there are several links that I wanted to share and that will have less relevance if they were not published today. Specifically, I am talking about the monthly TimeShoot project which will expire today.

I tried to get a little bit of everything on today’s post and cover studio, digital workflow, photography fun and heavier articles discussing copyright issues. Enjoy the mix.

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Speed Links for 4-20-2008

speedlinksThe last month has been both busy and great for me. A year and a half long project came to a successful end at work, allowing me to continue with my team photography project.  I have also made my annual pilgrimage to B&H – the Mecca of photography and got some new gear. I will post my loot soon, along with some reviews of the items I bought. And to top chocolate with cream, the activity on the web has been great – now, more then ever, photographers are blogging about their projects, ideas and art. I feel privileged to share some of the reading I have done in the last month.

  • Up and Down, Forward and Back, Left and Right
    Earth Bound Light
    A nice overview describing the alternative we have when we don’t like the composition of a picture. As the title suggests, it involves moving in any direction. (Which reminds me how my papa used to say "we did not have zoom lenses, we have to walk if we wanted to re-frame" and "We did not have a school bus, we had to walk barefoot in 15 miles of snow to get to school").
  • Making a Pinhole Lens for (D)SLR Cameras
    Camera Hacker
    Ever felt bad for not being in the photography business when pinhole cameras were the fashion? Not to worry! This tutorial from Camera Hacker will show you how to create a pinhole camera from your Mega $$$$ DSLR.
  • Film Photography: 5 Things I Really Miss
    Pro Photo Life
    Speaking about old school, he is one post that is all nostalgia.  All the buttons and levers that we now no longer have are there.
  • The Three Properties of Light
    The three most basic properties of light are Quantity, Quality and Direction. L7 Photo covers those three basic properties with some examples.
  • Your Guide to Adobe Bridge: File Processing
    Epic Edits
    Brian is running a great series on Adobe Bridge (and Adobe Camera Raw in general). The recent addition explains the basics of files processing. (If you are into file organization, check the comments on this post with lots of ideas on how to name your files).
  • Subtractive Lighting: Creating Drama with Contrast
    Lighting Essentials
    Lighting tutorials are scarce and worth mentioning. This tutorial from Don covers Subtractive lighting – Don’s 2 cent 1000$ on handling reflections at the studio.
  • Tip: Using light stands outside
    Description Andy combines photography and camping to create the ultimate never-fly-away-lightstand. (and here is DIYP solution for the same problem)
  • 7 Signs That You Should be a Professional Photographer
    If you’ve got this tickle in your hands and you want to go pro. Benchmark against seven signs that will help you make the decision. It is interesting (as Ryan mentioned in the comments) that taking good pictures is not in the list.
  • Setting the Background in Stock Photography
    Leggnet Digital Capture
    Rich Legg shows the importance of having some theme setting objects in the background of a shot.
  • On Assignment: Par For the Course
    Description David Hobby is back doing on assignments posts, each a gem. Step into the mind of The Strobist to gain some small lighting ideas and setups.

Want to keep track of my favs? Befriend me at Stumble Upon, or just check in every once in a while.

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Speed Links for 3-16-2008

speedlinksThis has been a great month for me. Although my dayjob is more demanding then ever, I was happy to discover a heaven of new sites, blogs and articles. All are great and just make me want to share.

This month was also great because a long challenge came to a successful end. Dave Ajax rose to the disposable ring flash challenge and built a Studio Grade Disposable Ring Flash.

And now, on with the links. I’m gonna post ten of then: is this to much? Not enough? Just right? Hit me in the comments for some feedback.

  • Back to the Future With Ken Cook
    Range Finder Magazine
    This article by Range Finder Mag has been around for a while. If you did not stumble it until now it is well worth the read. After some short "pessimistic predictions", Photographer Ken Cook dives into seven studio lighting example and diagrams. While each setup is short it gives a nice review of possible studio lighting options.
  • How To Create Photoshop Actions
    Epic Edits
    Are you using Photoshop to edit your pictures? Have you heard about the actions buzz but never took the time to check them out? Brian cam up with an entry level actions tutorial. (If you are using Lightroom, you may want to check this manual vs. lightroom vs. Photoshop actions comparison).
  • Double-Duty Light
    The Strobist give out some nice tips on posing a flash to do more then you bargained for. Then he calls an assignment out. As usual, Strobist readers rise to the challenge and five top pics are brought up for discussion.
  • Nikon D200 GPS
    Epic Blog
    Sometimes I just have to take my hat off for amazing DIY photography projects. This is just one of those times. Rick has posted the complete instruction on making a GPS plug-in to your Nikon 200. The good news – cost is really low. Keep watching the site as Rick is going to bring this solution to perfection.
  • Photographers Are Visual Liars
    John from photodoto stimulates the mind and provokes us photographers. Asking are we all lying?
  • Getting those portraits right, once and for all
    This is a good portrait guide if you are making your first steps in amateur portraiture. Some great do’s and don’ts that will definitely improve your snaportraits.
  • How to Make a DIY Camera Stand
    Another great photography DIY project. Have you ever needed to make a photograph that is truly parallel to your subject? Have you ever needed to do this with the subject lying down?
  • Shoot from the Hip
    Beyond Megapixels
    Lisa from Beyond Megapixels suggests a refreshing way of shooting. Bored from the regular angles on your pictures? Try shooting from the hip.
  • Balancing the Sun with flash – Crosslighting
    Make Light Real
    Great ideas setups and diagrams for shooting against the sun. Be prepared to get your heavy gear out.
  • Softbox
    Photographically Inclined
    I didn’t know how to call this. It is not a softbox. It is not a ringlight and it is not an umbrella. It is a combination of all three.

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Speed Links for 2-23-2008

speedlinksAgain, a busy week for me here in the DIYP world. After budget approval from the boss, it looks like I am getting me a brand new Nikkor – the 85mm f/1.8. I would like to take a minute to thanks everyone for helping me come to a decision. Choosing money wasters is always hard (and fun).

But more good things came to me in the last weeks, things fun and worth sharing. If you want to keep track of my likings you can join my friends on Stumble Upon.

  • Building a Home Studio Part 3
    Kerry from L7 foto is engaged in a project that has vast implication on any dude that got the boss’s approval on turning the house garage into a home studio (and leaving the car outside to sunbath). This post is somewhere along the middle of his work. Check out the first two parts, and stay tuned for more.
  • Shooting Smoke Tutorial
    Gosnap Photography
    Ever since that great smoke photo buzz about a year ago everybody wanna take smoking shots. Shaun from Gonsap wrote a great tutorial about the setup and lighting he used for taking such smoked shots.
  • Dollar Store Gem: $1 Kick Light Stand!
    Shaun from the Clique is going DIY. in this post he is using the simplest tripod of them all – the one from the everything-in-1-dollar-store – to make a portable light stand
  • Why are white lenses … white ?
    Have you ever wondered why some of Cannon’s lenses are white? Antoine from ADIDAP is trying to cope with this interesting question. Inevitably he also tries to cope with the fact that thieves like bright whit lenses.
  • Road Rags for light control
    The f-Stops Here
    This has been around for a while, but still a great article. David Tejada is giving a review of the Matthews RoadRags Kit. All and all it looks like a great portable system. I bet there a DIY solution somewhere that can do just the same.
  • Get Your Photos Critiqued at Photoaxe.com!
    If you area an aspiring photographer in the start of the road, I suggest that you get as many critiques as you can. Trek earth, Trek lens, flickr and photo.net are just some of the places to post and get critiqued. If you like to go front and center, you can drop a note with an image to Lau from photoaxe. You’ll feature his weekly critique review.
  • Fine Art Photoblog
    Fine Art Photoblog
    Brian Auer, Neil Creek, Andrew Gibson, Andreas Manessinger, Cody Redmon, Joseph Szymanski and David Ziser created this great photoblog. This place for fine art photography lovers features pictures from all seven photographers. Being the fine photographers that they are, you in for a photo-treat.
  • Twilight Photography Tips
    Digital Photography School
    The Global Photographer A.K.A Matthew Monroe has assembled a great collection of twilight photography tips. The main tip is "Get a nice Cold Beer". Oh, yea he also tells you that the best time to shoot a just a bit after the sun has set.
  • The Light Cage
    The Light Cage is an ingenious application. It simulates a lighting cage (Yes – this is how your models feel when you shoot them) where all the "trivial" lighting positions hold a spot pointed at a model’s torso. As you shift from on spot to another, you can see the influence of this light on the model. This is a great tool if you are on the beginning of your journey as a portrait photographer and it really helps to understand lighting.
  • The Trashcanulator 2000
    Tacky Living
    The Trashcanulator 2000 is a great DIY hack to get a light tent kinda lighting. Using nothing but – um… – a trash can.

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