End Of August Late Speedlinks

speedlinksOK, somehow something went very wrong, and I still don’t have a decent internet connection. Thank you coffee lord for providing free internet (and lots and lots of coffee). On today’s speedlinks lots of gel holders, light painting, some great projects and as always lots of hacks and DIY mods to the photography addict.

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Speed Links for 04-29-2009

speedlinksThis edition of speedlinks is pretty DIY centric. We’ll cover huge boom stands,  gaffer tape holder surprise, flash gel holder thingy,  some wacky flash diffusers and more.

If you like those tiny bites of the web, you can take a look at the bottom right corner where I post the links as I find them (and befriend me on Delicious), or you can watch my stumbles on stumbleupon.

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Speed Links for 03-06-2009

speedlinksIt has been quite a long time since the last speed links segment. I tried to have a bit of everything on this one. Ranging from keno-flo lights to the lighting "geeks" through some ode to film shops to Lighting and portrait techniques.

D3A – the contest we’re having for the 3rd DIYP Anniversary is still running till the end of this month.

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Speed Links for 12-27-2008

speedlinksDecember is a personal favorite. With holidays spanning the globe, it is a great time to spend time with family, friends and community.

I am pretty excited about Something Newer the photo contest we are running right now. Connecting with the holidays the theme for the contest is friends. And the prizes are as shiny as those boxes under the tree – two-week rentals of bodies and lenses. If you are taking some days off and looking for something to read, watch or inspire your photography, read on for December’s speedlinks.
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