ISS Uses Still Camera and 800mm Lens to Demonstrate Acceleration Through Space


In recent years we’ve become more familiar with the International Space Station (ISS) through live video feeds, experiment demonstrations, and fantastic images that have been brought back to earth.  (Then again, maybe it’s all just thrown together on some Hollywood sound stage…who knows.)  But, to the best of my knowledge, we have never before seen a camera used to demonstrate acceleration in space.

In this video, Commander Jeff Williams used a Nikon camera and 800mm lens to demonstrate the basic physics involved with moving through the cosmos.

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GIF Of Pluto Shows How Camera Technology Has Improved Over The Last 85 Years

pluto-observations-through-the-years (1)

NASA just released this sweet GIF of Pluto that uses photos taken between 1930 through 2015. The first photo (courtesy of Lowell Observatory Archives) was taken by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 when the planet was first discovered. NASA digitally zoomed in on the image for the GIF. The following images were all taken form NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope between 1990 and 2014. The only exception being the last image in the series, which was snapped from the New Horizons spacecraft this year.   [Read more…]

Cheeky Photo Series Shows What It’s Like To Be A Tourist On Mars

We know a lot of you must be bummed about not being selected for a mission to Mars on SpaceX or Mars One, or, actually, maybe you’re just happy to see Mars right here from the comfort of earth. Either way, this fun photo series from Julien Mauve is exactly what you need. In Greetings From Mars, the photographer plays the tourist as he and a friend appear to be casually snapping selfies as they explore the Red Planet. [Read more…]

Photographer Spends 12 Months Creating a ‘Never-Ending’ Panoramic Story


In the photography world, we’re pretty familiar with 52-week projects, although some of us have yet to ever start or complete one. Beamused Magazine wanted to encourage all artists to take up a 52-week challenge called an “endless book.”  The premise is that artists create one page of their “book” per week, constructing them in such a way that one page leads to another for a seamless mega-panorama.

Creative still life photographer Dina Belenko decided to undertake the project, composing a giant, story-rich (and, sometimes, humorous) panorama over the course of twelve months.

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Amazing 4K Time Lapse Created Using 109GB of NASA Space Photos

Source: screenshot (Vimeo/NASA)

Source: screenshot (Vimeo/NASA)

The International Space Station is a joint venture run by NASA, the European Space Agency and the equivalent agencies from Russia, Japan and Canada.

I don’t know about the other agencies, but NASA and ESA do an excellent job releasing their outlandish footage to the public, and some of the public puts the footage to great use.

One of these people is Dmitry Pisanko, who collected 95,623 of the publicly accessible raw images, and after lots of editing and working his magic put together a 4K time lapse showing some of the best views seen from space.

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GoPro Camera Strapped to a Rocket Captures Magnificent Footage as it Falls Back to Earth


SpaceX is a privately owned company that aims to revolutionize space technology with its advanced rockets and spacecrafts.

Hoping to carry its first human astronauts in 2017 and eventually colonize Mars someday, the company is obviously performing a bunch of rocket and spacecraft launches and – and many of these activities are documented and shared on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

This time, however, instead of sharing more footage of a rocket launch recorded from the ground, the company strapped a GoPro camera to one of its two-stage Falcon 9 rockets and uploaded out-of-this-world (literally) footage of Earth as the rocket falls back down.

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Canon Rumored to Be Working on a Full Frame Astrophotography Camera

Nikon D810a. Will Canon respond with a 5D Mark IVa?

Nikon D810A. Will Canon respond with a 5D Mark IVa?

Not wanting to leave the astrophotography market to Nikon’s upcoming D810A, Canon is said to be working on its own dedicated full frame camera.

When the D810A was announced Nikon said it will start shipping in late May, so any day now, but its Canon competitor is expected to be released only in 2016.

Could we see a Canon 5D Mark IVa?

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The Dragonfly Telescope Uses Ten Canon 400mm f/2.8 Lenses to Detect Faint Galaxies

Credit: University of Toronto/Yale University

Credit: University of Toronto/Yale University

While telescopes do a great job gathering light and obtaining images of ridiculously distant objects, even the largest and most advanced units are assumed to be unable to detect certain faint structures due scattered light which may be hiding them.

An awkward looking, multi-lens array was built to solve the problem – the Dragonfly Telephoto Array. Using ten of Canon’s finest 400mm lenses, the Dragonfly’s design significantly reduces scattered light and internal reflections within the optics, allowing ultra-low surface brightness astronomy at visible wavelengths.

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This Photo of a Sunset Was Captured By a Robot. On Mars.


The Mars Curiosity Rover snapped this photo of a Martian sunset several weeks ago, on SOL 956 to be exact, and beamed it back to Earth.

Never mind the Rover’s impressive photographic skills, I still find it mind blowing that such a high-res image travelled 225,300,000 km and made it with all the pixels in the right order.

The photo was taken using the left Mastcam, one of several camera systems found on Curiosity.

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