The (Drunken) Camera Store Guys Rate The Best And Worst Photography Trends Of 2014


As 2014 begins drawing to a close, it marks the official beginning of an onslaught of year end lists. If you only have the time (or patience) to sit through one of them, I hope you choose this silly 19-minute long clip from the guys at The Camera Store. Their refreshing departure from the traditional year end list is presented in video form, probably because they want us to enjoy their progression from sober to flat out wasted as they play a drinking game while delivering their top and bottom picks of 2014. They save the worst of lists until the very end, when they’re nice and hammered, so rest assured, you’re getting their unfiltered feelings about the gear. Hilarity is bound to ensue….

Take a look at the clip, below, and be sure to read on for a follow up… [Read more…]