Study Shows: Posting Photos With Significant Other On Social Media Increases Chances Of Not Breaking Up


The number of couples posting cheesy photos to Facebook can probably only be matched by the number of people who find cheesy photos of couples on social media really annoying.

But a study from Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking magazin, shows that posting those cheesy photos to Facebook actually increases the odds for a couple to stay together. The study checked how couples interaction on Facebook impacted the time they stayed in the “in a relationship” on Facebook. (Actually, the more accurate description was if posting more joint photos, statuses and writing on each other’s walls increases the likelihood of staying together after 6 months).

This is interesting, so the researcher speculated on the why. Public Commitment Theory suggests that the more committed you seem, the more committed you are. The author, Catalina Toma, PhD, an assistant professor of communication science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, speculates the reasons to Yahoo Health:

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New Study Highlights Just How Misleading One Profile Picture Can Be


Back when social media was still something establishing its foundations, things were a bit different. People didn’t care what they typed as comments on MySpace, or how many seizures they’d cause others to have from their profile’s flashing black-and-white Fall Out Boy skin(face it: that was why we all learned HTML in the first place.) Where once profile pictures were something you’d only expect high school kids to worry about, things have changed today.

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NYPD Gets A Lesson In Social Media – #myNYPD Tag Backlashes To Show Police Brutality

It is not uncommon for “older” bodies of the industry to “not get” how social media works. At it’s core, a social campaign give a lot of power to the community so if they decide to change it around, there is very little anyone can do.


I wonder if NYPD thought about this when they started their #myNYPD Twitter campaign. The campaign calling for new-yorkers (and twitter users in general) to upload a photo with a local NYPDer quickly turned into a massive outbreak of photos showing police brutality. [Read more…]