We are Giving Away $600 In Photo Album Gift Certificates


UPDATE: This giveaway is now over and winner has been contacted. Huge thanks to MyPublisher for hosting this giveaway.

Sweet news, MyPublisher teamed up with DIYP to give TWO $300 gift certificates away for a personalized MyPublisher Photo Album!

When I was a kid looking at photos was a slightly different experience. We used to sit (usually in a small group) and turn pages in heavy-paged albums. When I say turn pages I mean actual pages, the ones you can smell and touch and (god forbid crease, if not careful). While the digital age made sharing photos easier, it also took something away. There is something uniquely special about sitting together with your closest friends and family and flipping through photo album pages reminiscing on your favorite memories.

So I do my part of sharing, uploading and instagraming, and I also make a yearly family album. This is the album that will stay here even if my triple backed up hard drive crashes. Photo albums do not require a computer to look at, and it seems that both my kids and my parents enjoy looking at these tangible images more than they do at the photos on our family Facebook group.

This is where MyPublisher comes into play with their gorgeous photo albums, the kind that feel good in your hand and will last for years to come! But unlike the photo albums of our childhood, the process is much simpler. You upload the photos and the design team at MyPublisher helps design a perfectly customized premium album for you!

Since there are so many great add-on’s and features to choose from, we are offering a $300 credit so you can create a detailed leather bound album. And we are giving away two of those.

P.S. You get extra entries for sharing.

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34 Edits To A Single Road Photo – And Who Won The Best Edit Challenge


A few weeks back we held a fun contest revolving around editing a photo. We started out with a photo by Dave K. Piper with strong compositional elements, but used a ‘naked raw’ file to let anybody who wants to try and tweak it to their likings.  The winner, chosen by Dave  (and announced at the bottom of the post) gets a a sweet Blue CityWalker 20 camera bag from Think Tank Photo.

Results have been staggering. Several wonderful looks have been submitted, as well as a few composites. Here are some of the many wonderful submissions, followed by Dave’s selection of the winner: (if you just want the winner scroll to the end)

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Show Us Your Best Edit And Win An Awesome Camera Bag


UPDATE: Winner was announced here. Everyone, thanks for playing and a huge thanks for Think Tank Photo for sponsoring a prize.

This week we are up for some editing fun and on today’s challenge you get to interpret a photo shot by photographer Dave Kai Piper. We are including a completely RAW format of the photo so you can gave as much play as you want.

The one that Dave likes best will get its editor a sweet Blue CityWalker 20 camera bag from Think Tank.

Rules are simple:

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Sony Unveils the “World’s Best Mobile Camera” with the Announcement of the Xperia Z2

Earlier today, the 2014 Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, and it came packed with quite a few noteworthy stories. Nokia announced the immediate release of not one, but three Android-powered mid-range smartphone models; HTC announced its next entry to the mid-range Desire, sporting a 13MP camera; Samsung – well – remained Samsung with its overall minor update to the Galaxy S line (but hey – maybe that’s just my inner design critic getting frustrated at how much hasn’t changed about the phone’s look). Even if the Galaxy S5’s been grabbing most of the headlines for MWC, Sony still ended up bringing itself a good amount of attention with the products it unveiled today,

Out of them, the Xperia Z2 was what garnered the most interest. Sony’s latest addition to the Xperia line comes in bold colors, as well as bold promises; the waterproof phone packs a 20.7 megapixel camera, one which the company is proudly calling the “world’s best mobile camera”.

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Welcome! DIYP has a new look

Yes, you are still looking on the same blog. We just got  slight facepagelift.

drupal to WP

Back in the first few years, we (or actually I) were posting 2-3 posts a week and running a moonshine operation after hours of my daily job. This changed at 2010 when I jumped the gun and went full job with DIYP.

Now, ever since DIYP was born, about 8 years ago, it was using  Drupal as a platform. But things has changed. DIYP was getting bigger, covering more topics and getting more traffic. We made a change to WordPress, to both support the growing team and reflect the editorial change we are going through which gives a focus to photography in general (while still keeping DIY with a warm place in our hearts as a category).

We are still ironing things out so if you see anything weird please let us know.

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Join Our Awesome Bi-Monthly Awesomely Awesomeness Newsletter And A Chance To Win A TTP Streetwalker Backpack

You asked for it and here it comes. We are kicking off our newsletter again.

Join Our Awesome Bi-Monthly Awesomely Awesomeness Newsletter And A Chance To Win A TTP Streetwalker Backpack

What’s in the newsletter? Everything you have come to love about DIYP, we’ll share our top stories, tutorials and tips. We will also announce DIYP products through that list, and there are quite a few planned for 2014.

How Often? We are starting with a Bi-Monthly (i.e. every other week) newsletter. It may change later on, depending on the feedback we get.

How Do I Win That Rad TTP Streetwalker Backpack? Just join our newsletter, as simple as that. On Tuesday the 19th we’ll randomly select one winner from our newsletter subscribers (new and old) who’ll get the bag.

Yes! I want it! Great, once you win, we’ll pay for shipping (international readers welcomed) and send it over to you. If there are any duties or taxes on the incoming side they are on you.

Head on to subscribe right here (no need to resubscribe if you’re already in):

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DIYPhotography Now Owns The Trade Mark For Bokeh®

A few years back we released what was then a revolutionary product called the Bokeh Masters Kit. It is a revolutionary device (or at least it was back then), that transforms light into shapes with the spirit of Create Your Own Bokeh.

DIYPhotography Now Owns The Trade Mark For Bokeh®

Just in case you need a refreshment, Bokeh® is a Japanese word with a close proximity to the English word blur, and in photography it is used to describe the blur (or out of focus area) quality. This made it perfect to describe our product which changed the shape of out of focus specular highlights. [Read more…]

Are You Going to PhotoPlusExpo? Win Awesome Prizes

Are You Going to PhotoPlusExpo? Win Awesome Prizes

Are you going to PhotoPlusExpo in NYC today? Lucky you! Trade shows are great and you are going to have lotsa fun! (and probably take on a second mortgage).

I really wanted to come this year, but last minute events kept me here. I would not let lady luck deprive me of all the fun, though.

So I team up with the fine folks at MPEX and we’ll be giving away some awesome DIYP goodies each day. Namely, there are a few DIY Ring Flashes, Bokeh Masters Kits, Camera Cookie Cutters and Double Flash Brackets to be won. Hit the jump for details. [Read more…]