DIYP Third Year Anniversary Is Coming Up – Call For Sponsors

DIYP is going to turn 3 in two weeks or so. To celebrate this occasion we’re throwing our biggest contest ever.

I figured this can be a great opportunity for DIYP readers to show off and win prizes. This is also a great opportunity for sponsors to get exposed and familiarized with DIYP readers. And I mean this in the nicest way. As SPOY was such a great contest, I am going to model this contest in a similar fashion. Read on for more details. [Read more…]

How To Add Pictures To Comments On

diy_flickr.jpgAllot of readers are asking me "how can we add pictures to go along with our comments?"

The reasons are numerous – some want to share a picture they took, some want to share a cool DIY project they built and some want to show of with their implementation on one of the DIY hacks from this site.

Well, the age of unknowledgeness comes to an end – here is the picture tutorial for how to add images to comments on (of course you can always use the Flickr stream). Click any of the images for a bigger view. [Read more…]

Take to your virtual home

If you love as much as me, you’d be happy to know that I have made some changes to make it easier for’s readers to take the blog to their personal home page.

The first change is to add a bookmark strip that will enable you to bookmark an article to your favorite bookmarking service. You can Digg it, Furl it, Stumble upon it, cook it, bake it or pretty much add it to your virtual bookmarks online. When ever you hover over the bookmark strip found on the left, you will see all available bookmarking options. [Read more…]

Back to Basics

back to basicsIsn’t it fun to take a pile of PVC pipes and turn it into a studio? Or to take an old sheet and make it a first class photography backdrop? Some of those trash reused highly complex – space age technologies require nothing but two good hands, showing that no studio equipment is out of reach for the poor enthusiastic photographer. This is especially true when it come to mono-e-mono Vs. them high end gear guys.

Collecting all those DIY stories over the last year and a half or so, helped me realize that random stuff you find around your house good equipment is only half the key to taking good pictures. The other half is having good understanding of photography. Yet the third half is creativity or the ability to get creative. (yea, yea, I know that 150% of being a good photographer. But hey! if you really know it all you can get to be a 150% photographer… ) [Read more…]

A note to RSS readers and site fans

Hi all,

This site has been running on drupal 4.7 for a long time now, and it is time ofr a change. I will upgrage to Drupal 5.1 soon, and for this I need to do some maintanance.

Please dont be alarmed if odd RSS feeds pop up again, or if the site behaves weirdly in the next few days. I hope to use Drupal’s 5.1 featurs to give some more cool things on the site, so bare with me.

See you on the other end,


Upadate – Drupal migration done. You can noe expect some cool projects to emerge. I also plan on trying and change the colors o the site…. [Read more…]

RSS confusion

Hi DIY-ers,
There has been a confusion with my shared hosting, and some RSS feed were redirected to another site. I have fixed the problem, thanks for understanding,

Udi Logo Contest

Hello 'DIY'ers,

The sharp eyed amongst you might have noticed the amazing resemblance between's logo and's logo. And now that is growing, I think it deserves it's own logo. Well, that's a perfectly good reason to announce the Logo Contest.
This contest is where anybody who wants to help can send a logo to the site manager – that's me :), and enter the contest.
Winner will receive bragging rights, a note on the contributors page, and a link to his/hers site, blog, address on Google maps, or any link you can think of.

You can upload your logo designes on the upload page

Here are the terms in plain english. There is also a legal version – if you speak layerish – at the end of the page.

  1. By sending the logo you confirm that you are the maker of the logo and that you hold the copyright to that logo.
  2. You allow to use the sent logo on its publications from now until forever without asking any return other than stated in this page.
  3. You can send as many logo ideas as you like
  4. The logo can be in gif or png format and should be scalable
  5. The logo should relate to DIY or Photography or better yet – both. (DAH!)
  6. Winner will be declared on October 1st.
  7. Upload the logo on the logo contest upload page.

Best of luck,

Legal version

By sending a logo design to consent to the following:
I declare that I own the spiritual asset, including copyrights for the send material. I know that sending the logo to constitutes a free worldwide license to use the logo, which is not limited in time. I also allow to publish it, and to do with the logo what ever they see fit. I hereby consent to allow DIYPhotography to edit or change the sent logo. I know and agree that I will not be entitled to any payment by money, or money equal for this license.