Sigma Expands Art Line – Adds 24mm f/1.4 + New dp0 Quattro Camera


When Sigma introduced the 50mm Art lens photographer were pretty happy to get an almost Zeiss quality lens for under a $1000 price tag. (You can see some comparisons and tests here, here and here). We’ve heard many rumors on an upcoming 24mm art lens and today Sigma broadens the art line with a 24mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens, and if it compares to the 50mm art, there is much reason to rejoice.

The 20 art (A.K.A Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens) will be available for all three mounts when it starts shipping: Nikon, Canon and Sigma. I assume we will see Sony coming soon. Well, there are no prices or dates yet, so those will probably have to come first :)

One nice update to the line is the ability to switch from Auto focus to manual focus simply by engaging the focus ring (similar to Nikon and Canon lenses).

Here are the dry specs:

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Sigma 50 Art Lens Compared With The Canon 50mm F1.2L

s50a-50l-01Up until recently the question of getting an original branded lens (e.g. Canon, Nikon) vs a 3rd Party lens (e.g. Sigma, Tamron) was not really a question. If you could afford the original brand lens, the answer was, go for the original.

However, with Sigma’s recent ART lenses things may have changed. Photographer Will Chao took both the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART lens and the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Lens for a head to head battle and the results are not as conclusive anymore.

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