All Your Favorite Shows Cuts 160 Movies Together With A Centralized Storyline

Here is where dedication and rain-man-like memory of movies will get you.

The team at Ornana Films created this wonderful animation where a kid is faced with a reality where the shows that he likes becoming a reality. (at least that’s what we think is happening). The crazy twist – some of the animations are replaced with short cuts from 160 movies. (With no list available though, the movies just screams for a guess the movies game).

The movie brilliantly, and seamlessly shifts from Danny Madden’s animation to short film clips that are almost too fast to comprehend.

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Create epic rain effects with this $15 rain machine


While we at DIYP are no strangers to covering such things as creative (and cheap) rain machines, we always find it in our hearts to share with you just one more.

Director and cinematographer Tom Antos recently released a video about how he built a rain machine on a budget of only $15. Starting out with a cheap garden soaker hose, attached it to some wood between two stands, and made movie magic. His video shares the details, but we’ve taken the liberty to spell them out (after the jump).

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A Man Films Himself Walking Backwards in Tokyo… And Then Reverses the Video

Screenshot from the video

Tokyo Reverse is a movie with a running time of 9 hours, and it was broadcasted in its entirety on a network in France. As strange as that sounds, the network is known to do things like this, and this clip from the film shows exactly how the entire thing was filmed: with a guy walking backwards.

It’s strange to look at on first glance, but you’ll notice how cleverly put it all really is as the clip goes on. Ludovic Zuili, the man in the video, films himself walking backwards in a way where it’d look like he was walking completely normally if the clip were to be reversed. [Read more…]