Great Ways To Include Shadows In Your Pictures – Discussion

shadows_friends.jpgResults from the Shadows Assignment, in which you were asked to include shadows in your photographs.

We had 9 flickr submissions (two by Carlos – waytogo!) as well as 10 comments submissions – coming to a total of 19 submissions.

All images submitted were great and I had a hard time choosing the top four. I got those four as they each reflect a different technique of using shadows.

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Shadows – What They Are And Where To Find Them

shadows_friends.jpgDid you know that shadows can work for you? In my recent article I described eight ways that you can use to enhance your photo. In that article I described 8 situations where you as a photographer can gain from the presence of shadows.

Now, it’s time to pay the debt I left at the end of the article and talk a bit about where you can find shadows. (A Valentine for my Wife by Ella’s Dad)

The shadow assignment pictures are starting to pour in – you are doing a great job. If you want your image to appear on the search tag it with DIYP and shadow. You can see the great work already coming in on this link.

Before we talk about where to find shadows, it is important that we discuss about the nature of shadows and where they are coming from.

Shadows are not an “is” but an “is not”. They are not light, but lack there of. If a light source is projecting light onto a surface you will get a nice lighted surface. If for some reason this light is obstructed – TADAM! Shadow it is. So far for kinder garden stuff. And now, on with photography and lighting stuff. [Read more…]

Eight Great Ways To Include Shadows In Your Pictures

shadows_friends.jpgUsually on this site I describe ways to deal with shadows in pictures. This is because shadows can distract the viewer from the main subject. Shadows also often create high contrast that gives the sensor some hard time. In past articles I’ve shown how to eliminate the shadows, minimize them, diffuse them and even bounce to get rid of them.

But what if? What if there was a way to turn the shadow into a friend, to make the shadow so distracting, it will become the subject itself?

In this article I’ve decided to face the enemy and make it a friend. Here are eight ways to get a great shadow picture: [Read more…]