Is Nikon Hiding D800 Recall As ‘Free Maintenance’ Initiative?


In today’s world, everyone likes to dress up words and make them sound more appealing to themselves and the masses.  Political correctness is rampant, and we have to be so careful anymore about what we say so as to not offend the sensibilities of others or cast something in a negative light.

Yesterday, various Nikon D800 owners received emails informing them of a free “Nikon Maintenance Service Initiative.”  It’s not clear yet whether Nikon is simply being generous, testing equipment for potential persistent issues, or if this is another name for a recall.

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Nikon Offering Free Repair Services for the D600, In or Out of Warranty

Nikon D600 - Front

Just earlier today, a technical advisory was posted on Nikon’s website for the D600.

Recently, Nikon has been gaining controversy after it got itself caught in America’s favorite pastime of suing. Attorneys at law firms such as Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein have been collecting complaints about the camera manufacturer due to allegations of a defective product; in this case, the D600 model. Now, it’s heading into a class action suit already filed by attorneys of Zimmerman & Reed. [Read more…]