The Sony A7r II Seems to Boast a 59 Megapixel Sensor

A7r_IIA few days ago we shared a photo that seems to have been taken with the Sony A7r II and uploaded to the Zeiss Lenses’s Flickr account.

The photo’s resolution indicated it was captured using a 56MP sensor, but the irregular image ratio suggested that the sensor is most likely even larger and that the photo was cropped by Zeiss.

A new image, with EXIF-data intact, reveals the latest sensor packs a whopping 59 megapixels.

Keep in mind this information has not been confirmed, though there are several good reasons to believe it is true.

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Engineers Invented A Batteryless Digital Camera That Can Power Itself Forever Using Excess Light

self powered camera

A fully functioning prototype that produces it’s own electricity.


Let’s face it, batteries in general are a real drag. They’re easy to forget, add weight to an already heavy gear bag, and they have the habit of running out of juice just when we need them the most. Luckily, a team of engineers from Columbia University have discovered a way to eliminate the need for them to power a digital camera. In a report released by the team, which is led by Shree K. Nayar, the engineers have found a way to harvest energy via an image sensor and excess light. [Read more…]

Here’s Our First Look at a Picture Taken With Sony’s New Curved Sensor


I’ve been following news on Sony’s curved sensor since they first announced it back in April, and I’ll be honest; I didn’t think we’d be getting a look into it nearly this quick, but this is shocking to me. I must have forgotten that Sony started on this project back in 2012, because they’ve just uploaded the first official picture from the sensor online – and here it is.

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Fuji Does It Again, Applies For Varying Pixel Size Sensors

Fuji Does It Again, Applies For Varying Pixel Size Sensors

We really love Fuji as a company, aside from taking a really good care of their customers, they are always on the edge of technology, doing things that are ground breaking and innovating.

Fuji’s new patent application for a sensor with varying pixel size may provide better noise handling that what we get with current technology. (And while we value pixel count, it is interesting to see other – non pixel cramming –  places that imaging technology is going). [Read more…]

Nikon Just Filed A Patent For An Interchangeable Sensor Camera. I Am Not Thrilled

If you are ready any of the photography blogs out there you could not have missed the new patent from Nikon. A patent for an interchangeable sensor camera (brought to light by Nikon Rumors, and machine translated here).

Everyone are saying – Yay! I would love to swap the sensor on my camera when technology changes. YAY!

Nikon Just Filed A Patent For An Interchangeable Sensor Camera

At first glance it seems like the future has opened for cameras that can do practically anything now, at the change of a sensor – Higher res, better video, dedicated chips, say Infra red photography, built-in HDR, better dynamic range. Everything that we can imagine. While the latter (HDR, IR, dynamic range) makes lots of sense, the former (more resolution, better video) is not likely to happen. [Read more…]