Photos Found On GoPro Indicate Pilot Taking Selfies Is To Blame For Fatal Plane Crash

go-pro-crashIn May of 2014, a Cessna 150 plane was involved in a fatal plane crash at the Front Range Airport, just outside of Denver, Colorado. A report released today by the National Transportation Safety Board reports the reason for the crash, which killed the pilot and passenger on the plane, was likely caused by the pilot taking selfies in the cockpit.

Investigators working on the case recovered a GoPro camera near the wreckage of the plane, on which they discovered footage of the pilot and a passenger taking selfies using a cell phone with the flash activated. The report notes the timestamps from the GoPro images were not reliable; however, they appear to be taken on the day prior to and the day of the accident. On both days, the pilot and two different passengers were recorded taking selfies, but the crash itself was not recorded by the GoPro. [Read more…]

How To Take The Ultimate Selfie

Time magazine just named Makati City, Philippines as The Selfie Capital of the world. And as a proud Filipino I have done my shares of selfie in the interweb.

Selfie Capital PH

Selfies from friend’s in facebook

There are tons of selfies in the internet taken using a smartphone, but those do not compare to the greate selfies I have seen was on Flickr, where people take the time to light or setup their shots and use “real cameras” to take their selfies, just to name one that I always follow is Dustin Diaz’s flickr.

There are a lot of ways to do a selfie using your dslr, so to each his own, this is a quick tutorial on how I do my selfies. [editor note: Laya’s Selphies are some of the best I’ve ever seen so you may wanna hit the jump see what he has to offer] [Read more…]