California Paddleboarders Follow Great White Sharks to Get a Selfie


When you hear about human-shark interactions it’s usually about shark attacks or sharks swimming nearby people. Even when there’s no sign of aggression whatsoever, the media rarely misses the opportunity to play on peoples’ fear of sharks and draw some attention.

This video, captured by a paddleboarder with a GoPro, is rather unusual though. Not only did Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess encounter great white sharks at Orange County’s Sunset Beach, they actually entered the waters with their flimsy boards in order to see them.

The mission? Shark selfies, according to the Orange County Register.

Sadly, despite the fact that the duo was there by choice and was actively following the sharks, National Geographic still felt the need to sensationalize the video and make it sound as if an attack was imminent.

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ISIS ‘Moron’ Posts a Selfie; US Air Force Locates and Destroys HQ Building

U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles, from the 389th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, like the ones shown here, helped provide 176 consecutive hours of air support and drop more than 100 bombs in support of Operation Hammer Down II. Air Force close air support assets played a critical role in the success of the operation. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Michael B. Keller)

Modern armies have endless amounts or rules and regulations set in place, some more out there than others, but most have been implemented following a rather bad situation.

One of the very basic rules is that army info stays in the army; you don’t share it, especially when it comes to operational information. Once upon a time this meant you weren’t allowed to talk about anything secretive with friends, but nowadays efforts to maintain military secrets focus heavily on social media.

Being a fairly new militant group, ISIS (or ISIL or Daesh, whatever they’re calling themselves this week) is still learning its lessons the hard way as was revealed a couple of days ago.

It turns out that one of the ISIS guys thought it would be cool to take a selfie outside one of the group’s secret headquarters and share it on social media. Well, the United States Air Force thought it was pretty cool as well…

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Touching Ad Brilliantly Explains Why Real Photographers Are Needed


It’s no secret that the photography market is no longer the exclusive realm of professionals. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re the client, but with so many “professional” photographers out there these days it’s not hard finding a dud.

Be it your next door neighbor who just bought a DSLR, his grandchild who believes his 16 megapixel smartphone camera is just as good as the D4s or your sister-in-law’s cousin who has been photographing weddings as a side gig when he isn’t working at the corner deli, anyone of them has a reasonable chance of getting hired for a low-budget project where the client is mainly concerned about price.

Some moments, however, are too precious to risk with an amateur and that’s exactly the message the video below brings home.

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A Fatal Month for Selfie Photographers; Why is it So Dangerous?


Selfies have become enormously popular in recent years and are everywhere these days. Wherever there’s a beach, a famous landmark, a rainbow or even just oxygen, you’re likely to see someone taking a selfie. Even elephants are doing it now!

Two major problems have emerged hand-in-hand with the often duck-faced photos. The first is that people are too focused on themselves. Not in the sense that they are constantly admiring themselves through endless narcissistic self-portraits, as true as that may be, but that they are too busy trying to photograph themselves that they don’t notice the dangers surrounding them.

The other problem is the need hardcore selfie fans feel to outdo others and the irresponsible competition it promotes.

Just this month, in what might be one of the deadliest in selfie history, at least two people have died and one is currently in serious condition after their selfie attempts went horribly wrong.

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Elephant Captures the World’s First ‘Elphie'; Who Owns it?


Just when you think you’ve seen every possible form of selfie comes along an elephant and shows that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Christian LeBlanc was feeding elephants in Thailand and when he ran out of food, the gentle giant took his GoPro instead. Luckily, the elephant aimed the camera at himself and his guest rather than trying to eat it as well.

This photo awakens a copyright dispute instigated by a monkey whose selfies went viral.

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Cannes Film Festival Cracking Down on “Grotesque” Red-Carpet Selfies


Just as hunters like to document their trophy kills, many celebrities take every opportunity to capture their own success. The selfie has become an increasingly popular method of doing so and allows easily sharing the experience with their fans, but not everybody approves of this kind of photography.

The prestigious film festival’s artistic director, Thierry Frémaux, introduced the new photography limitation while announcing the lineup of movies for the upcoming event.

The official reason is that the ceremony is slowed down when “people stop every two metres to take a picture of themselves, with themselves”, but it sounds like Frémaux’s personal opinion about the selfie played a major role in the decision.

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Developing New Signs For Photobomb, Selfie, Duckface, & Others In American Sign Language


The birth of internet slang is fascinating stuff, I’m sure most of you will recall the hoopla that flooded the web when the word “selfie” became official when it was named as word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries. Soon after that, Merriam-Webster decided to induct it into it’s dictionaries, too. It had a lot of people wondering, “Who makes these words up?”

Though most of us wouldn’t give the thought too much of our time, the dedicated folks over at Hopes & Fears took that simple question and went one step further. They wanted to know how new words, such as the ever increasing dialect of internet slang, are incorporated into sign language. To find out how new slang words entered into American Sign Language (ASL), Hopes & Fears got in touch with Bill Vicars, a Deaf/Hard of Hearing (HH) man who runs Lifeprint–an educational website devoted to helping people learn ASL. [Read more…]

Crime Scene Selfie Sent Over Snapchat Leads To Murder Charges


Snapchat allows users to send messages that disappear within several seconds, but it is possible to take a screenshot of the message.

A 16-year-old teenager from Pennsylvania found this out the hard way after a photo he sent over Snapchat lead to him getting arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

It turns out that a recipient of the murderer’s selfie with the victim’s body took a screenshot of it, and his mother contacted the police with the damning evidence.

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