Best Tips for Working With Seamless Paper Backdrops


SONY DSCRegardless of whether you are shooting portraits, products, food, fashion, pets, or any of the countless other subjects that find their way in front of your lens, eventually you’re going to be faced with the prospect of clean lines or high contrast against a solid background. While shooting high-key against a white backdrop obviously poses different lighting challenges than let’s say shooting a dramatic portrait against a black background, there are certain aspects that are common to both, regardless of the color of the paper. It’s what all of this paper has in common that we’re going to take a closer look at today.

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Clever Way To Store Multiple Seamless Paper Backdrops

One of the more annoying things to store is seamless paper backdrops. They are big, bulky and you can’t lay them on the flow because they will collapse over their own weight and great folds. This means that the best way to store a seamless paper is vertically.

Clever Way To Store Multiple Seamless Paper Backdrops

If you have a long wall that is unused (as no studios probably have), you can stick em on the wall with something like this foam system. Here is a much cooler way tough.

Photographer Rob Grimm made a rope and dowel system that can store a few dozens of backdrops in a neat and orderly fashion. Check out his video below. [Read more…]