Yet To Be Announced Rokinon 100mm Macro f/2.8 Appeared on B&H


The listing, which has since been removed, revealed a few details a day before the expected announcement. (Other territories should probably expect the Samyang branding of this lens)

As we reported earlier, the lens will be a 100mm f/2.8 macro and turns out it will also be available in Fuji X, Samsung NX, MFT and Sony E-mount versions.

While the price is significantly lower than rumored, and the lens seems to be nicely built, it does not feature the “unparalleled” features we had hoped for.

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Samyang 135mm F/2 Compared To The Canon 135mm F/2


The newly announced Samyang 135mm f/2 has caused quite a bit of excitement with its wide aperture and modest ($550) price tag.

Now that all the specs have been revealed, it’s time to see how the lens compares to Canon’s version of the 135mm f/2 (@ $1,049.00 – almost double the price) .

A head-to-head comparison, conducted by South Korean blog Gear for Image, brings first results of the new portrait lens. Facing Canon’s superb lens, the Samyang has its work cut out.

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Samyang Adds A 12mm 1:2.8 Full Frame Lens To Their Line Of Wide Prime Lenses


If the Zeiss Otus can be described as superb quality at a superb price, Samyang (known as Rokinon in the US) can be described as Good quality at a good price. This a reason that many choose those lenses as go to lenses when starting out and looking for decent quality primes and wide angles.

Today, Samyang announced the addition of a new lens to their arsenal: The Samyang 12mm 1:2.8 ED AS NCS. This is an Uber wide lens, with a 180˚ field of view on a full frame  sensor and a 118˚-124.6˚on APS-C.

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Massive Flood Of New Lenses From Rokinon, Gives A Strong Push For Cine Mirrorless Lenses

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know how much we fancy the Rokinon (US) or Samyang (rest of world) line of lenses. Having a strong focus on prime Rokinon lenses deliver some great quality at affordable price.


Now Rokinon announces a flood of new lenses and an update of mounts for existing lenses with a strong focus on mirrorless and MFT cameras.

Here is a short summary of types, speeds and focal lengthes, for the full breakdown hit the jump:

Mirrorles: 10mm f/2.8, 12mm f/2.0, 8mm f/2.8 Fish-Eye, 8mm T3.1 Cine Fish-Eye

MFT (added mounts): 35mm f/1.4, 24mm f/1.4, 8mm f/3.5 Fish-Eye, 8mm T3.8 Cine Fish-Eye, 14mm T3.1 Cine, 24mm T1.5 Cine, 35mm T1.5 Cine, 85mm T1.5 Cine

DSLR: 8mm T3.1 Cine Fish-Eye

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Improving A Samyang 800mm With A Tuning Key And Some Cardboard

The Samyang mirror 800mm f/8 [B&H | Amazon] has an incredible money-to-mm value. Sadly is developed a reputation as an impossible lens to focus and a to be blurry to the point that there is no micro contrast and no low contrast in the image.

Improving A Samyang 800mm With A Tuning Key And Some Cardboard

Photographer Morten Øen shared two tips with us to give this lens an overall boost and really squeeze quality out of that $180 the lens costs. [Read more…]