Canon Files Patent, Could Be Entering Drone Wars


Drones.  Some love ’em; some hate ’em.  We simply report on them.

According to reports circulating around the web, Canon may be the next big player to announce its contendership in the great drone race based a patent filed with Japanese Patent Office.  While details are very limited at this time, Canon has apparently filed a patent for some form of drone-related technology, making them the first of the major camera companies to take such a step.

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iOS 9 Code reveals Apple is Working On Bringing Flash, 1080p and 240fps Slo-Mo to Future iPhones

Source: Twitter/Hamza Sood

Source: Twitter/Hamza Sood

Rumors have been stating that the iPhone 7’s camera might offer DSLR-like performance, and they gained momentum a couple of months ago when Apple purchased LinX, an Israeli camera-tech company focusing on computational imaging.

While we have yet to have seen any solid evidence that DSLR owners will soon be able to stop lugging their cameras around, code found in the developer’s Beta version of iOS 9 reveals that quite a lot of work has been focused on improving the device’s front-facing camera.

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Sony Semiconductor’s New Site Hints Next Olympus and Nikon D5400 Cameras


As we have it today many camera makers are using sensors from Sony Semiconductor. Canon is using them, so is Nikon, Olympus and many of the medium format digital cameras:  phase one, Pentax and Hasselblad.  So looking into Sony’s sensor plans gives a pretty good understanding of what the camera makers have in store.

So it is just super kind of Sony to make a new site with their current sensor offerings. Of course some of the sensors are ones that we are familiar of, like the 36MP full frame sensor.

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The Crazy 5D Mark IV Specs Don’t Seem So Crazy Anymore


A couple of months ago we posted a set of specs supposedly belonging to a Canon test camera. Despite looking like a possible 1D X Mark II, that option was ruled out and it was mentioned that the camera could be testing an assortment of features that wouldn’t necessarily all show up in the same one body (or at all).

Another possibility was that the specs belong to the much anticipated 5D Mark IV, and recent rumors and developments seem to make this option a whole lot more logical now than it was back then.

So what kind of camera will the 5D Mark IV be?

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RUMOR: Nikon To Announce D7200 At CP+ Next Week? Here’s How It Compares To The D7100

How Will The D7200 Outperform it's predecessor, the D7100?

How will the D7200 outperform it’s predecessor, the D7100?

We’ve heard rumors that Nikon has been working on the D7200 as a follow up to the D7100 and D7000, models and if this report from DiaryOfDennis is accurate, it looks like the company will be announce the new model at next week’s CP+ Camera And Photo Show. NikonRumors also posted on the possibility of an official announcement. Both websites are citing the same source,, a Russian website which has gathered documents and information regarding the reportedly forthcoming Nikon cameras. [Read more…]

Canon Rumored to Dominate the Megapixel War Once Again. Nikon and Sony to be left behind?


Photography newcomers may not be aware, but until 2012 a fierce war took place. A war that lead to the demise of many loved cameras and the birth of many more advanced models – the megapixel war (or the ultrapixel war).

Temporarily put to rest with the release of Nikon’s record-smashing 36MP D800, it seems that the ultrapixel war will soon be making an impressive comeback.

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Canon Rumored To Be Adding A 46MP Body To Their Pro DSLR Lineup Next Month

FS: 1D Mark II by

Rumors are spreading like wildfire over the internet of the possibility that Canon is planning a surprise announcement of a pro DSLR during PhotoPlus, which takes place in New York City. The excitement comes after a longtime member of the forums on made a concise post declaring…Canon will release a 46mp pro body at the Javits Center in October.” Later on in the thread, he noted the DSLR will come at a price point somewhere between $8000 and $9000.

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Sigma Gearing to Aim at Tamron With New Massive Telephoto Lens


It’s that time of the year again, and with Photokina back in session comes the inevitable new gear announcements, as well as the rumors leading up to them. This time, the rumors are about a new and upcoming telephoto lens from Sigma. Made for their Sports line, the 150-600mm F/5.6-6.3 lens seems to be a direct competitor to Tamron’s own recently released 150-600mm model.

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Surprise! Fuji Plans On Releasing A 50MP Medium Format Camera With A Sony Sensor (Or Does It?)


Here is a bit of news that is hard to miss if you walk the rumors sites today. According to Fuji rumors, Fuji is planning on releasing a digital MF (medium format) mirrorless camera. While the rumor is not confirmed, Fuji rumors had a few good ‘prophecies’ over the last years.

According to FR, there are two untrusted sources for this info, one going into the sensor details: [Read more…]