Carry All Your Gear with This Insane DIY Photography Rig


A few months ago I came across a photographer who had a DSLR strapped to his chest, another taking stills and a GoPro mounted on his head capturing video. Never mind that most of his footage was likely not even worth watching, he seemed to have a pretty decent method of carrying all that gear.

Then came along this Japanese photographer to show us all how it’s done. Almost more gear than man, this walking pile of equipment uses a custom-made rig to lug three Nikon DSLRs, the same number of off-camera flashes, a smartphone and an assortment of compact and action cameras.

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Building A Creative GoPro Glider For Capturing Orbital Footage

Point Of View (POV) can be a major factor in storytelling. Finding new interesting points of view is not trivial, and every bit of innovation helps keeping viewres on their toes. This is why we got to hand it to Steven Prael for coming up with this cool GoPro rig idea that captures an orbital view of a scene.

Building A Creative GoPro Glider For Capturing Orbital Footage

The idea in general is pretty simple – get a go pro on a rope and turn, turn, turn it around. But execution may be tricky. By building a simple rig Steven overcame two problems that has to do with spinning – The first is how to keep the camera facing the center and the second is how to reduce vibrations.

Both issues were dealt with by adding a small wing to the rig, creating a makeshift glider. Pretty clever. If you were wondering how durable a GoPro is just check out the failed footage at 1:10 and 1:20 . [Read more…]