How I Built The Set For The Holy Mary Photograph


I met Viviane many years ago when we were added to a project together as photographer and stylist by a designer friend. The project never launched but we always kept in touch to see what each was doing. So at some point after we few years we both said: “Why don’t we ever shoot???” This started a 30 min brainstorm through facebook chat. We both wanted something very stylized. She suggested something like a “holy mary”? Then I came in and suggest something darky holy mary. And the idea was born. “The Holy Sinister Mary”.

…on the edge of your seat? Onwards…

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Elinchrom’s New ELC Pro HD Strobes (And Richard Terborg Getting Poked)

We saw many new flashes in Photokina, one of the units that we thought was worth mentioning are the new ELC Pro HD units. We talked with Richard Terborg, Elinchrom Ambassador, to get the inside on those strobes.

They come in two flavors: 500WS and 1000WS, both in a new streamlined body. The strobes are pretty much what you have come to expect of mid-range strobes but they do have some interesting features worth considering:

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The Box – How To Build, Light & Shoot A Photography Set On A Budget

Like most projects, this one started with a very small and vague idea. I thought it would be cool to build a set that would be kinda like its own ecosystem: something very moody/foresty/damp.

The Box - How To Build, Light & Shoot A Photography Set On A Budget

First idea was to make it rain in a random household room. While I was brainstorming and getting into the details, I found it would be too much of a hassle to redirect all the water out of the studio. So instead of a room, maybe something smaller would work? It would have to be big enough for someone to stand in it, but small enough so that you could see that there is actually a box inside a room. Then have it be very moody. [Read more…]