MIT Researchers Developed an Algorithm That Removes Reflections


Windows have been ruining photos ever since the first time a photographer tried shooting through one.

Unless you bring along dedicated contraptions or start messing around with cloths and funny angles, shooting through the glass will likely lead to an annoying reflection that will make you want to smash it to pieces. (If you’re actually trying to get a reflection then scratch everything I said; windows are awesome).

This problem might soon come to an end, though; as researchers say they’ve developed an algorithm that can automatically remove reflections from digital photos. The algorithm can’t remove all types of reflections, but it does an impressive job with the ones it can remove.

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The Trick On Getting Gradient Reflection On Reflective Surfaces (Cellphones, Laptops Etc.)

Getting gradual reflection on a shiny surface is not trivial. It is not hard, but you have to know how it is done (which you will once you’ve read this post :). This is one of my favorite techniques when shooting products with a granite tile, and it gets that gradient reflection on a reflective surface every time.

I got a couple of messages on Flickr a while back asking me how to get a gradient effect on an iphone shot I did before. So here is a step by step lighting tutorial on how to achieve this kind of lighting and where you can use it.

Feature image

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