Nikon Wants Your Money, Offers Up To $900 Instant Savings


It is this time of the year again and Nikon is the first one to push the SALE button. (Usually they are a day or two behind canon, but this year they were first).

Nikon’s model is one where if you buy a body you get a small rebate and for bundling a lens and a body, you receive a bigger rebate. If you are sitting on the fence for a new body, this is a great opportunity to ease that purchase.

Rebates range from as little as $80 for a D3200 + 18-55mm start lever kit ($446.95 instead of $526.95, roughly 17%) to as much as $900 for a D810 + 24-120mm behemoth kit ($3,696.95 instead of $4,596.95, a slightly bigger 20% discount). Some of the options let you get rebates for multiple lenses and speedlights.

Here are some of the more interesting options:

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This Is A Good Time To Buy Nikon (D610 At $1,600, Optional Savings Of Up To $800)


Nikon is trying to be the first horse in the race to cross the line and lock your holidays presents with an impressive discount program. Of course Nikon is not just begin generous for the sake of generosity. They are hoping to get your holidays presents and end of year money. Luckily they are doing quite a good job.

The biggest news is the discount on the D610 @$1600 (or $2245 wit a kit lens, which is about $800 discount) and the D7100 @$945 (or $1,500 with both kit lenses which represents about $630 discount).

Here is the full list of available product. The link above directs you to B&Hs Nikon selector where you can choose a bundle and see the pricing/discount. Like any good thing, there is a time limit and the counter currently points at Nov 22nd. Following below is the full list of discounted gear. We expect Canon to throw a counter punch soon.

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