Readers Projects – The Food Saver Omnibounce

foodsaver_omnibounce.jpgGoing along with the great show of readers projects, Simon Chung sent me a great idea for a flash diffuser.

Starting with an ordinary food bag, and adding some tinfoil and magic, Simon created an omnibounce. To learn more about the merits of bare bulb diffusers and see a different implementation of this great idea see here.

Have more ideas for wacky things to put on your flash? Hit me in the comments.

More Reader Projects:
Strap it on Baby
Thomas Schwenger Complete Two Seconds Lighting Kit
Christmas Tree Ring Light
Got a Light?

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Readers Projects – Strap it on Baby

diy_hand_strap_ben.jpgI have to hand to you, Ever since I started the “Readers Projects” Quest, I’ve been getting a ton of great DIY/Photography ideas and projects. After hitting it with the Thomas Schwenger’s Complete Two Seconds Lighting Kit and the Christmas Tree Ring Light comes Ben’s great project that does not have to do with lighting but can defiantly improve you life if you are one of those photographers that use a hand strap but disappointed from what the market has to offer. [Read more…]

Readers Projects – Thomas Schwenger Complete Two Seconds Lighting Kit

fastest_lighting_kit.jpgI said it before, and I’ll say it again. The reason why bloggin’ about DIY and Photography makes me a happy person it because I get to tap into a great stream of creativity fro mother great photographers out there.

Take Thomas Schwenger for example. After getting some from the Strobist and DIY community Thomas now gives back one of the lightest and easiest lighting kits for portables strobes. With a single page snoot, a mini GOBO and a filter holder, Thomas wins the DIYP kit of the year award. (Of course, like a being a warded a knighthood, there mostly honor in the title, no dough at all.

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Readers Projects – Got a Light?

diy_project_03.jpgThis is the second part of the Readers Projects series, my way to show my love and appreciation to DIYP readers.

In this series, I’ll be posting some of the great projects DIYP readers brought to life. I learned about those projects either from DIYP flickr group (thanks you all for sharing) or from DIYP readers mails. The first project was the Christmas Tree Ring Light, a cold and snowy project. This project is all about fire – to even the temperature. If you’ve ever watched the legendary mission impossible show, you’ll remember that unforgettable starting frame where a match is being lit from nowhere and this match starts a fuse and eventfully… “This message was self destructed after ten seconds“.

Photographer Nick Wheeler recreates the magic of MI in his “How to Light a Match” setup. (Yap, it is the same Nick who invented the Floor Lit Table Top Studio Project.

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The Best DIY Project Of Them All – Your Project

diy_project_01.jpgPart of the fun of being a DIY Photography blogger is being tapped to the great stream of ideas and creativity that flows from the photographer’s community. Every now and then I get a mail that makes my day, pointing me to an awesome/ fun/ unbelievable/ getoutofhere project. I also keep regular watch on the DIYP flickr pool to be amazed over and over with DIY projects and creative photographs of readers.

This series of articles which I call “DIYP Readers Projects” is my way to give some loving back to the community and to DIYP readers and expose some of the coolest photography projects around – your projects. The first runner up is the…

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