FFMPEG Adds Support For Magic Lantern RAW Video – On The Way For A Smoother Workflow


About a year ago the Magic Lantern team took they RAW video recording into the next level providing their own native format – MLV (Magic Lantern Video). While this format could be used to record RAW video the workflow to getting it to PRORES format was a bit cumbersome.

Yesterday, FFmpeg did the first commit to their code-base which to support the MLV format. This could mean great things for the Magic Lantern team. Mostly because FFmpeg is the engine running the video part of many open source programs.

ML’s g3gg0 shares how this came to be (and highlight the importance of open-source royalties-free formats in the process): [Read more…]

Blackmagic Releases RAW Recording for Pocket Camera

Here are some great news for anyone who’s been wanting to shoot raw video. While up till now a Magic Lantern loaded Canon DX0 was the only sub $1000 option, Black magic today released their Blackmagic Camera 1.5 which adds RAW capabilities to the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Blackmagic Releases RAW Recording for Pocket Camera

Raw Footage will be captured in 12 bit log CinemaDNG RAW format which is movies what RAW is to pictures. [Read more…]