Keeping Your Eyes Open

Remember when I wrote about Quintessential Moments? It focused on benchmark or definitive moments in our growth as photographers. Maybe it was a photograph where a new concept fell perfectly into place. Maybe it was an image that had a profound impact on you– or someone else. One thing that I mentioned in passing at the end of the article was that you can’t force these moments. You can’t stack the deck and artificially create a defining moment.

I should have taken my own advice this past weekend.

Dragon*Con once again came to town, and with it came its annual parade. I have a pretty healthy comic book and sci-fi nerd streak in me, so it’s always a good time wandering around with my camera, getting fun shots of people with perhaps…well, let’s just say they take their love for these characters way more seriously I do. Way, WAY more seriously. And come on– who doesn’t love a parade?


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Quintessential Moments

Oddly enough (or embarrassingly enough) it was actually a conversation in a movie that got me thinking about this topic recently.

“There are several quintessential moments in a man’s life– losing his virginity, getting married, becoming a father, and having the right girl smile at you.”

While we can endlessly debate what the quintessential moments in life are (as well as the philosophical merits of 1985’s “St. Elmo’s Fire), I think we can all agree that we have them. They are moments that define us. Benchmark moments along our timeline (NOT the Facebook kind) where we look back and see how something important about us or our lives took shape.

Lonely Tree, Guyer Photography

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