Photographer Projects A ‘Marry Me’ Slide During A Photoshoot. She Sees The LCD And Says Yes!

Proposing is stressful, isn’t it. I mean, forget about the yes/no answer. Just making a decent proposal could be a killer project of its own. Photographer Marvin Lewis has been taking a photo a year for him and his girlfriend Amanda Marie friendship universities. Each year a different photo (you can check the below), but for the eighth, anniversary he decided to pop the big one, and so invited Amanda into the usual studio session.

Little did she know that Marvin placed a Light Blaster mounted with a Marry Me slide  that she could not see until the photo was actually taken. (The Light Blaster only projects a slide when the camera clicks, when the strobe inside of it goes off).

Imagine her surprise when she walked up to the LCD to chimp at the photo, while Marvin kneeling behind her holding a ring.

I asked Marvin about this special day and this is what he told me:

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Watch This Real Photobooth Marriage Proposal Done in 4 photos


That magical moment when she says yes is rarely captured. Well, not if you propose in a photobooth. Youtuber Kevin Moran made the big move inside a photobooth capturing the proposal in 4 photos.

While the first photo is your ordinary somewhat-awkward-self -conscious photo, the ring pops up in the second photo and the yes comes in the third.

Luckily for us Kevin teamed up with a photobooth service to also video record the entire process.

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Photographer Cleverly Captures His Own Proposal With Timelapse Trickery

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your proposal capture on film (or sensor) so you could not only tell your kids the story, but also show them how it went down?

proposalThis is what photographer Mike Bons thought so he set up a clever rig to capture his own proposal.

Mike tricked his (then) five and a half years girlfriend into a valentines photoshoot, where he used a Triggertrap remote control to make a timelapse where the camera captured his and his girlfriend photo every second. For lights Mike, cleverly backlit the photo with his car’s headlights. [Read more…]