Convert Old 8mm Film to Video Using an HDSLR

Convert Old 8mm Film to Video Using an HDSLRIf you’ve been around long enough to know what 8mm films are, good chances you have some family footage somewhere in the attic.

James Miller, Designer and Photographer based in the UK came up with a clever way of converting 8mm footage to “modern” video using a full frame Canon 5D mark II, an old projector, some LEDs, and a broken lens.

The video how-to on Vimeo shows highlights of the build process and the description provides more detailed info.

The real smarts here is projecting the movie directly onto the sensor without a mediating screen (or a bedsheet if you’re a regular reader :)

[via petapixel via planet 5D] [Read more…]

Weekend Project: Family Go Fish (With Your Family Pictures)

Go FishIs it cold and rainy where you are? I mean really cold and rainy. The kind that you don’t wanna go out of the house. Here is a project that is both fun to make and play with.

It is a family flavored go fish. If you have small kids they will love you for it, and for the great family time you are going to have playing with it.

My little one had the Chicken Pox last week. She’s all good now, but that was a week with almost all productivity coming to a halt, as taking care of a small kid who any wants to itch is a full time job. We did spend a considerable amount of time playing go fish. It is a card game with the goal of making four-of-a-kind-set. (The original game is played with a deck of poker playing cards, but they come with any subject imaginable).

Then My oh-so-clever daughter asked for a family go fish. Who am I to say no to a Chicken Pox stricken kid with a puppy eyes. [Read more…]

iPad + iPhone Picture in Picture In 8 Easy Steps

iPad + iPhone Picture in Picture In 8 easy StepsLying in bed one night reading a Photography eMag on my iPad I was drawn to a photography competition for a Picture in Picture. Instantly and idea shot into my head to use the iPad for a Picture in Picture photo where it appears as if the iPad screen is transparent. I decided that a shot of an apple on the kitchen table would keep the scene easy but also add a bit of reason.

The photo turned out well and after sharing it on Facebook one of my friends presented me with another challenge, to also include an iPhone in the photo giving it a third level. The iPad iPhone Picture in Picture was born.

I decided to make a self-portrait using the iPhone to display my eyes and the iPad to display the majority of my face (or as much of my big head as would fit). [Read more…]

Shoot 3D Products Using A Suspended 360 Degree Shooting Rig

Shoot 3D Products Using A Suspended 360 Degree Shooting RigMaking a 3D display of an object is a great way to display merchandise on line, so this tut would be very relevant to any product or still life photographers.

The usual way of making a 3D display is to put your item on a turn table. The less common way, yet sometime more effective (wit shoes for example) is to suspend the object from a rig. In the following tutorial, Photographer Matt Devlin (Flickr) walks us trough the a build of a 360 deg rig. Matt says (and I heartedly agree that this is a very simple rig to build – 3/10). [Read more…]

For Halloween – The Strob-O-Lantern

The WatchmanWith Halloween just around the corner I thought that showcasing a nice scary photograph may be inspirational. Of course, since this is DIYP there’s a hack in it. It is using an optically triggered hacked slave flash that was fitted in a Lantern.

Photographer Victor W used a small flash scavenged from a Kodak disposable camera to create a scary watch man photograph. (sorry victor, but watchman at night with threatening faces are scary, if you wanna see Victor’s nice side see here). [Read more…]

Weekend Project – Make Patterned Photographs Of Computer and Glass

Glass with computer generated backgroundSteve Hermitage who made it a point to create and share wonderful photography home projects, like the bubble world that was featured here before, just released another great weekend project. So if he forecast is rainy and it looks like you are about to stay home. Get a bottle of wine and two glasses. one for you and one for the camera. Here is one fun project for this weekend.

Using a computer screen Steve created simple patterns which he then uses to shoot empty glasses of wine. The way the glass breaks and distorts the light creates interesting poppy patterns. [Read more…]

Introduction To Radio Controlled Plane Aerial Photography

Aerial PhotographySome time ago we introduced R/C Helicopter Arial Photography, however Helicopters are not the only thing that flies, in fact R/C planes are cheaper to get in the air.

Although they provide less control they are still a good option to get your camera up high and they are lots of fun to take pictures with.

In this tutorial -manuel- will explain how to apply a similar concept for still and RC planes which are much cheaper. [Read more…]

The Comprehensive Water Drop Photography Guide

Splat!!!Not a long while ago the net was exploding with Corrie White’s Fun with Water set on Flickr. Her control over those drops, their color and their timing was remarkable indeed.

This is why I am very exited to share Corrie’s very extensive guide for water drops photography.

The guide is for all levels going explaining the setup, lights, optional use of a drip mechanism and post. [Read more…]