A Time-Lapse Of America With No People

A Time-Lapse Of America With No People

Would it be weird if we lived in a world without people? Ross Ching is exploring this questions exactly in a series of time-lapses called The Empty America.

The series is made out of time lapse movies taken in major cities in the us, with people magically removed from them.

So far movies have been taken in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Washington D.C. [Read more…]

Can’t Afford To Crash Cars? How About Scaling It Down

Here is a resolution I hope each one of you will get to employ one day. Freddie Wong and Brandon Lasstsch were asked to shoot a car chase for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Alas, they did not have the money, cars or closed roads to shot it in.

The ingenious idea was to scale it down and use RC cars to shot the entire thing. RC cars meant no real danger, no need to close down a district, really fast shot reset and having a way smaller production in general. It can still be Epic though. Heck, they even had a police heli for the car to jump over! Hit the jump for the BTS

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How To Build A Rain Machine

Our How I Took I contest is quickly gaining critical mass with all the great tutorials being submitted by you guys. Got some great news on that, the folks at Rosco just chipped in with a LitePad Loop kit.

Raj Khepar submitted a cool tutorial about how he built a rain machine for one of his shoots.

While we have had a rain machine before, this one is quite different in the way it was built and in the final effect it creates.

How To Build A Rain Machine [Read more…]

Tom Eshchar Shoots Nude Projections On Naked Bodies (NSFW)

Photographer Tom Eshchar was bored with nude photography and took a different angle on it.

Tom Eshchar Shoots Nude Projections On Naked Bodies

In NoFace Tom uses a home movie projector to blast images of his subject’s inner worlds on their (mostly) naked bodies. In some photographs you can clearly see the bodies, but in some the bodies dissolve into the projection.

Here is an interesting observation Tom made on the project

The person sitting in front of the camera, looking at the projector feel completely exposed. They don’t see the picture and cannot know that from the camera side it is not as exposed as they think.”

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Kite Aerial Photography 101

In this post I will show you how to build a quick and easy rig to get your camera flying (without any magic wands and jumping from nukem driven airplanes).

Kite Aerial Photography 101

Yes, welcome to another boring tutorial… wait I say boring loud? Is not, it is fun, relaxing and sometimes adrenalin twisted outdoor exercise – welcome to Kite Aerial Photography 101.

Lets get started [Read more…]

DIY Photography Wall Art from Baby Crib Springs

DIY Photography Wall Art from Baby Crib Springs

Are you looking for creative ways to decorate your walls and display numerous photos without making it look like your crazy great-aunt’s hallway? Now you can with this ingenious DIY project!

While I would love to take credit for this idea, it is really my wife’s brainchild. Apparently a desire to decorate the walls, the concept of saving money while using up junk in one’s basement to make the house look pretty, combined with time spent surfing the web will generate exceptionally creative ideas like this. (Yes, there are others who have done similar. However, that was only discovered after the original brainchild was birthed.) So, let’s get started, shall we? [Read more…]

Dancer Shoot Anatomy – The Workout

I’m Antoine Willaeys, I’m a French 25 years old photographer & retoucher from France. I am, at present, creating a series of various images with artists and athletes during and after their workout. I really love these different universes and the stories which we can see there. Every person is different and every image has its strength. I chose to create this series, every time, in the same way : as a composite.

Dancer Shoot Anatomy

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