What Happens When Mixing A Drill, Some Paint And High Speed Photography

The Black Hole series by Swiss Photographer Fabian Oefner is nothing but black.

Mixing in colors, a fast spinning drill and no less than 6 modified strobes, Fabian gives color splashes a new twist (pun intended).

black hole

The strobes used in this shoot are not your ordinary strobes, they are modified speedlights that can be dialed down till 1/40,000 of a second which is what Fabian needed to freeze the fast splashing color. [Read more…]

Liftoff 360º Shows Si-Fi 3D Light Paintings

Today on the blog we are hosting master light painter Patrick Rochon who collaborated with Eric Pare on a 360 light painting project. That means that unlike “regular” light painting which are 2D, the 360 light paintings can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

360 Lift Off Show Si-Fi 3D Light Paintings

This part of the project is called Liftoff Liftoff 360º and is summed in the video below. More info, awesome light painting and gear satisfaction after the jump. [Read more…]

Amazing Aurora Lights Time-Lapse And Its Mischievous Inspiration

Photographer Toby Lockerbie sets a side some “passion time” each year for a personal project to help him recharge his creative batteries. After a year of pro shooting, it helps him to recoup some of the waning love of the craft. In 2012 he decided to hunt the Aurora lights at northern Norway.

Amazing Aurora Lights Time-Lapse And Its Mischievous Inspiration

While the resulting movie is heart taking, I find his back story even more interesting. It turns out it is not easy to shoot the Northern lights. [Read more…]

Taking Pictures On The Freezing Planet Of Hoth

When I saw Vesa Lehtimäki‘s photos depicting the life on the freezing planet of Hoth I was immediately drawn to it. Partly because I am a Star Wars fan boy and partly because they looked so darn good that I had to learn more about how they were taken.

The Derelict

I mean, just swap those little plastic characters with people and you could actually believe that this series is photojournalism at its best.

I contacted Vesa and asked him a bit about the process, the setups and the inspiration for the series. The answers I got were a solid proof that inspiration and motivation trump gear and budget. [Read more…]

Guerrilla Lighting, Photoshop Smoothing

I love Von Wong‘s weekly videos, in this installment Ben breaks down both a photo shoot and the post production he made for the band Trio Dinicu. While the video is short it is packed wit goodies, starting from how Ben and the band infiltrate the Disney Concert Hall. Ben, the three band members, assistants, Elinchrom Ranger heads and all, through a neat t-shirt lighting trick ending with some placements tips.

The tutorial ends with some very impressive photoshop tutorial dealing with a way to clean noise while retaining texture. This is the technique that made the photo look semi-painted.

Guerrilla Lighting, Photoshop Smoothing

[Read more…]

The Lomo-Copter Takes Lomography To New Heights

lomo copter

Getting a digital camera up in the air is something we’ve gotten a big accustomed to. But I believe that getting a Lomography Diana F+ on a copter has not been done before. Till now.

The team over flitetest hooked up a Diana F+ to a tri-copter and sent it up in the air. I thought it would be interesting to go over the list of challenges they faces and break down the solutions to each of the challenges. This, and the video after the jump. [Read more…]

The Amazing Epochs Timelapse With Super-Detailed How-It-Was-Created

The Amazing Epochs Timelapse With Super-Detailed How-It-Was-Created

Sean Goebel shot Epochs, a spectacular time lapse piece over 11 months and 4 states. Interestingly enough, a lot of the tracking gear he used was home made and lots of the “pro” gear borrowed. Just goes to show that talent and dedication trumps budget anytime. Sean was king enough to share the complete super-detailed making of Epochs, including gear lists, locations, challanges and a lost-in-a-desert with a dying flash light story. So sit back, go to full screen crank up the volume and enjoy. [Read more…]

Capturing The American Dream On A Wet Plate Truck

Ian Ruhter is not only a talented photographer, he is also an incredible story teller. If you recall the story, Ian set out on a mission to capture the spirit of America in a way no photographer has done before – In a wet plate camera built inside of a truck.

Today, Ian shares a bit more of his personal story intertwined with four other stories (and portraits) from LA that connect to Ian’s inspirational story.

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