A Nikon Symphony: Music Made With Nikon Gear

Click, click, bang, swoosh. Here is an unconventional use for gear – use it to make music.

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong along with composer Andrew Kesler and a small army of Nikonians used a small heap of Nikon gear found at Nikon Professional Services Canada to create some sweet music.

A Nikon Symphony: Music Made With Nikon Gear

The idea was to use each camera’s unique shutter sound along with some of the beeps and blips coming from other gear to compose a short clip. [Read more…]

Super Moon Is Coming June 23rd, Get Your Cameras Ready

Supermoon is an astronomical phenomena which occurs when the moon is at its closes orbital point (Perigee) to earth while being is a full moon phase in the same time. Since the moon is orbiting earth in an elliptical orbit, it seems a bit bigger when it is closer to earth.


How much bigger, not much, about 14% from its “smallest” orbital phase. While the difference is hardly noticeable to the naked eye, it makes a great excuse to bring those tele-lenses out and have a fun night photographing the moon. But it will also be 30% brighter which can help in making shorter exposure / lower ISO shots. [Read more…]

Dror Garti Talks About His Project Photographing Ultra Orthodox Jews

Picture this. It is early morning a day before Yom Kippur. A Hassid walks into a side room at the synagogue, greets the Rabbi at his chair and the collector next to him. The Hassid quickly scans the room. He also notices me. I am not sure if he is simply ignoring my presence or actually acknowledging it. I cringe at the corner and make an effort to blend with the wall behind me. I disappear. Silently, the Hassid pulls his shirt and Tzitzit from his pants up to his shoulders. He places both arms on a 2 by 4 and starts chanting verses.

Dror Garti Talks About His Project Photographing Highly Orthodox Jews

The collector picks up a whip and starts lashing the Hassid on his back. This is what I was waiting for. I stood up, aimed the camera and took a few pictures. I embraced the camera to my chest and cringed again. The Hassid took 39 lashes, while continuously chanting. When the thing was done, the shirt went back in the pants, the Hassid murmured a quiet blessing to the Rabbi and left the room. [Read more…]

How I Shot A Fire Breathing Street Fighter Series In Paris

Street Fighter Photoshoot a3.jpg

I started shooting fire after participating in a shoot by Von Wong and DAS in Paris in November 2012.

I took a few snaps while the shoot was going on and I carefully looked at Ben’s methodology and setup. Back home, I said: “whaoouuu, I really want to explore fire and photography more”.

A few months later, and a lengthy discussion with DAS, we put together my first fire shoot. The tale unfolds after the jump. [Read more…]

Photographing Pigments Can Kill Your Vacuum + Tip On Shooting Flour

A few years back we were first introduced to Benjamin von Wong with a creative flour and dancers shoot. We thought it was quite Epic back then. How little did we know :)

If cleaning up after a flour session seems like a crappy job, how about the mess after doing a session with colored pigments.

Photographing Pigments Can Kill Your Vacuum

Ben took a visit to Place Cliché to collaborate on a high end pigment based shoot. The results are exploding with color and creativity. Video and some tips after the jump [Read more…]

Cera Hensley Creates Fantasy Worlds On A 3 By 3 Feet Table

Cera Hensley, recreates fantasy worlds from everyday objects, and she does it all on a 3×3 feet table.

Cera photographs custom crafted landscapes, and completes them with miniature photos of models separately taken in front of a white backdrop. Playing with perspective and angles, the worlds are mischievous, annoying or surreal yet completely believable.

Cera Hensley Creates Fantasy Worlds On A 3 By 3 Feet Table

The process involves pre-visualizing the scene, building the landscape and posing the models to fit. Here are some more samples of her work along with some behind the scenes of their creations taken from two f her projects: Here Nor There and Mime Adventures. [Read more…]

Using A Go Pro Array For Bullet Time Effect

Marc Donahue from Perma Grin Films has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Two of which are wonderfully demonstrated in the video below.

The first one is kinda new old trick where using an array of video cameras to create a bullet time effect. This one was shot entirely with GoPro Hero cameras mounted on (at least) two DIY rigs – a small rig that can be handheld (see 0:18) and a bigger rig that give a wider angle (see 0:50).

The other, more interesting thing for me was a technique Marc calls Lyric-Lapsing. It’s a mix between stop motion and time lapse on a talking head, and it is highly surreal (see the intro at 0:16 and the conclusion at 2:00).

[My GoPro Array | Vimeo] [Read more…]